Strings for a 2007 D55

What brand/gauge would you recommend? I currently have Dadarrio EJ16 (If I remember right....could be EJ26), and the top end is a little "anemic" while the low end seems a little flat/dull to my ears. Plus, some tuning issues with the lighter strings. I'm eyeballing John Pearce 600L/200L (I know there's a lot of JP love here), some DR's (Veritas and Sunbeams), and maybe even Dean Markley Blue Steel 2036. Thanks in advance!


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Try 'em all. That's part of the fun. But I'd slap some GHS Bright Bronze strings on it. The top won't be anemic and the bass is nice and full. They're non-coated. Not terribly expensive. I'd use light gauge strings. I think they came with medium gauge from the factory in that year, but that's a lot of strain on the neck. I use Elixirs and D'Addarios as well because they sound good and they last a long time (coated strings). Tons of choices......