People are nuts!


Went to see the surgeon for my post-op visit today (everything way ahead of schedule), but while I was sitting in the car in the parking lot, some guy came out of the building with his face all swaddled up in a surgical mask. Then as he walked to his car he proceeded to pull off the mask so he could fire up a smoke :p:p .
Laughed so hard my incision hurt!


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Well, he doesn't want to die from a virus, apparently, but other causes like lung cancer are okay. It's his choice. Be careful with the sternum while you're guffawing!!! :rolleyes:


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Yeah, I saw 2 gals pull up to the convenience store in their car, the passenger was on oxygen, and they were both smoking...

I just passed 22 years of NOT smoking, just thankful for having been delivered from this nasty addiction.