Testing the video link


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Ah. So when you click on this link it goes to the video on youtube. But the video is no longer embedded in the post as in the past. This way is fine by me!

BTW I used the "insert link" button that looks like "chain" next to the "insert image" button.


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Let's see if the same thing happens when you use the dropdown menu & choose "media" . . .

edit: . . . oops, looks like I was one minute behind AcornHouse. But we both have fine taste in music, in my humble opinion! :cool:



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Beat you by 2 minutes!
Well - with ANY digital readouts the last digit must always be observed +/- 1 - because we can not know if it was just over or under or somewhere in between. THAT means that 7:39 AND 7:41 both might be one second off 7:40 - thus making the "beat you by" timerange anyting from 1.02 - 2.58 minutes.

Aren't you happy that I "ruined" your 2 minutes - cause it could just as well be only 1 - but at same time gave the chance, that it would be almost 3 minutes+