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Aug 21, 2009
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I'm editing this sticky with a preamble kindly suggested by our member Christopher Cozad who even provided the wording:

"What is the difference between “authorized” and not? Why (when) would I seek one over the other?"
An authorized repair shop is able to be reimbursed for warranty work.
Should your Guild ever require repair, and qualify for warranty repair, it is mandatory the repair be performed by an authorized repair shop else you, and not Guild, will be responsible for any fees associated. Being authorized by Guild to perform warranty work does not imply repairs are in any way superior to repairs available at a non-authorized repair shop.
(Note: this information is updated periodically and is intended as a guide, not a guarantee. LTG does not endorse or promote one repair service over another, and the information provided here is a compilation of user experiences and opinions. Repair services listed here are encouraged to communicate with the forum to help keep contact information current.)

The request for suggestions for competent repair shops comes up periodically and 2 names stand out to me due to their actual history of working at Guild.
They're also members of our community.

Fixit (Tom Jacobs):
Reference thread:

Chris Seeger:
Reference thread:
Our member SFIV1967 reports that as of Q2 2018 Chris has taken a the JOb of Finishing Manager at Guild's Oxnard location.
Congrats to Chris and thanks Ralph!
"So that covers 2 sources on the east coast but I'm not aware of anybody on the west coast with actual Guild building experience."
Now that Chris is in Oxnard, I'll need to watch to see if the begin to offer factory repair capability.

I AM aware of an authorized location in San Jose CA:
CB Perkins, who've been Guild authorized for about 50 years, and who have earned high praise for a restoration done on a member's D35, and are known locally for restoring Greg Kihn's F212 a number of years ago. (Greg's a local boy)
Reference thread:
(Although CB Isn't mentioned in that post it was confirmed elsewhere. Also, I have no affiliation with any of these shops)
Sadly, as noted below, I was advised in February of 2017 that CB Perkns is no longer an authorized repair center, of their own volition.

Although the top 2 have actual Guild factory experience, other refs are welcome, but would like to restrict it to authorized repair shops only, for folks who prefer that route for whatever reason.
Also, as far as I can tell, current owners CMG haven't published a list on the Guild site yet.
And since status can change, it's always wise to confirm a given shop's current status when seeking actual service.
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Update on Chris Seeger. He has closed his repair shop in CT and moved with his wife to California already back second quarter 2018. He works again at Guild Guitars, this time in Oxnard as Finishing Manager!
So Al, please correct the first post and delete him from the list.