B-301 review

Dec 3, 2008
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St. Louis, missouri, USA
How long have you owned the B-301 Bass: 4 years
Year & specific model: 1978 Guild B-301 mahoghany finish
Purchased new or used: Used
Price paid: free
Owners rate 1 (least appreciated) to 10 (most appreciated) in following categories with comments as desired:

Build quality 10. its lasted over 30 years of abuse, and still looks good
Looks 10. it can never be confused for a fender
Projection - 5 almost as loud as an acoustic when unplugged
Bass - 10 cant beat a guild for low end growl.
Mids - 7
Highs - 5 it plays them, but tone post doesnt work
Sustain - 9.
Playability/comfort 10. neck feels great, body is comfortable, great balance.
Dependability - 8 (only thing that keeps it from a 10 is a hack non factory wire job)
Fingerstyle - 9 great smooth action
Flatpick - NA
Strum - NA

Condition (Mint/Excellent/Good/Fair/Poor): Good (it has a mediocre refinish, but the wood grain has lots of character, but the non factory wire job will act up occasionally)

Favorite Strings (one selection only): D'Addario Flat

Would you buy another if lost/sold: Yes if I could afford it

Overall Assessment: Outstanding

Most Appreciated Characteristic: low low bass growl
Least Appreciated: neither pot works, loud humming if get to close to other electronics
Favorite Story/Moment:
I found it in a house that had been vacant for over 5 years.
Other observations/comments: reminds me of a taco. unique styling- "not another fender" look
Jan 3, 2014
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Kent UK
New to this forum - the review was very interesting. Just about to buy a B301 F. Hopefully will add a review in a couple of weeks