Ampeg B-40 combo

May 3, 2018
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Hi guys..

I'm new to Bass playing.. Starting taking class and all.. I know I'm late to the party at 44 but always wanted to play an instrument..

To the point of this thread.. One of my buddy sold me a used bass and amp that he bought from his old bass player.. I was able to find info on the Bass who's an entry level Yamaha, not fantastic I guess but will do for now.

The Amp is a 1973 Ampeg B-40.. The cab has 4 x 10" speakers in it.. Fully functional and sounds like a ton of brick is hitting the house evrytime I strike a chord..

I was unable to find much info on it.. Like who played with this kind of amp, is it valuable.. I'm planning on upgrading the bass when I get a bit better at it.. But definatly loves the Amp!!

If anyone can give me more info on it I would appreciate



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Aug 21, 2009
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I see a first post, welcome, Specteur!
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RE the Ampeg: all I can tell you is that they had a pretty legendary reputation back in the day and hopefully some of our amp connoisseurs will be along to add more background.


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May 2, 2007
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Hi Spec',


The B40 head was a fairly early Transistor design, at least for Ampeg. They are supposed to make 120 watts. You see them out there from time to time. People usually don't spend a whole lot to get one. $250?

The B-40 cabs are arguably the first 4x10 designed bass cab, but in a world where Ampeg SVT 8x10 cabs rule Back Lines every where, no one seems to notice.

The B-40 4x10 cabs are a little different. They are very heavy (90 lbs.). The original speakers are really close in design to guitar speakers, so they sound good and bass-y right up to the point that they start breaking up- then it's one big fart joke. They sound better with modern speakers, but the cabs aren't really deep enough to let the modern speakers 'give all they can give'. They are scarce as hens' teeth, but don't go for a lot of money. There is a guy on Austin's Craiglist that has one of the V4 cabs for sale, new speakers and new grille cloth, at $275. I've seen them go for $150 to $500.

I have two B-40 cabs and a '76-ish 100 watt Ampeg V4b Head. The cabs are the same size as the V4 guitar amp cabs, but with a 4x10 baffle instead of 4x12. I like the idea of using two cabs with the 115 watt V4b bass head, but haven't had enough Young Friends handy to lift the whole Armada into the back of my Tahoe for a gig. Maybe this summer, though. Hope springs eternal.

One cool thing. B-40 heads and V4b heads are 1/2" wider than the other heads that Ampeg produced from '69 to '80 and the Only Cabinet that they fit on Perfectly is the B-40 and it's sister, the V4 4x12 cab!

For parts, go to:

Have fun!

Harry aka gilded

PS go to and check out the forums. Search under things like B-40. There are about 6 guys that have used those cabs and will talk about their experiences modding them, etc.
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May 3, 2007
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Welcome. No comments about the amp other than to note that my most recent bass amp was purchased because it weighed 12 pounds :)

When you are ready to upgrade the bass talk to us. There is a Guild bass for almost any budget and we're the folks who will convince you you need it.