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Thread: more photobucket crap

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    Quote Originally Posted by SFIV1967 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by adorshki View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by chazmo View Post
    Oh, no! I'm over the free tier again! What will I do?
    Boycott the suckers. That'll teach 'em.
    For new pictures that is easy to do (I use imgura s example now) but think about all the PB pictures linked since years to various forum posts that would disappear, that's the real problem.
    It was a joke:
    Since they're trying to squeeze out non-profitable users anyway, being boycotted by those users would play right into their hands.

    Maybe a "Photobucket is the Evil Empire" Facebook page instead?
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    Reading all this makes me grateful that I never had a Photobucket account. I do send Flickr $25 a year, but with unlimited storage, I think it's a good value, and I've never had any problems with their hosting.

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