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Thread: 1993 Guild S-100 Green

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    The finish looks spectacular! Glows like an emerald. What did you do to clean it up? I bet this beast rocks the house. What is the small switch - coil tap?
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    Wow. Just wow.
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    I set it up in the classic S-100 configuration as a phase switch. What’s the 4 Wire Capability? Coil tap?

    As far as cleaning if goes, I had to remove every part and scrub clean a significant layer of grime that had accumulated round the edges of the pickup, bridge posts, tail piece etc. I just used basic guitar polish to get rid of the fingerprints before my buddy photographed it.

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    The four-wire config allows coil splitting…or parallel humbucking. I use the latter a lot on an old Ibanez AR-300. Lower output and less mid push than standard series humbucking.

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