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Thread: Acoustic pedalboard: effects loop vs. instrument input

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    Acoustic pedalboard: effects loop vs. instrument input

    I hope this is the right place for this so here it goes...

    I've finally started plugging in my acoustic, got the pickup installed and have built a pedalboard with a tuner, fishman stage preamp, and since I wanted a boost, a fire-eye preamp/DI.

    So at first I had the tuner into the fishman into the instrument input of the fire-eye. Being a true-bypass pedal, the tuner was causing a loud pop thru the PA whenever it was disengaged. I was kind of expecting this but it was getting annoying. So as an experiment, I ran the tuner and fishman thru the effects loop of the fire-eye and go pop!

    Can anyone help me explain this???

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    My guess would be impedance. A true-bypass pedal can play havoc with the impedance seen by the amp, and putting those pedals in the loop of the FireEye is likely impedance matching the chain for you.
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    So you have two preamps daisy-chained ? Distortion ???

    Reason why the pop is quieter in the effects-loop is propably that it is now in a higher position of your systems level structure - there is less gain after the tuner and therefore less amplification of the pop.

    Being first after the guitar - a slight pop goes first into Fishman - gets boosted by i.e. 20db - goes into FireEye - another 20dB boost.

    Being in the effects loop of FireEye it should be AFTER Fishman to minimize pop because of gain boost of Fishman.
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    Thank you Nuuska,

    I used to use the Fishman clipped to my belt and used it with my upright bass before I got the pickup on my guitar. There is a pushbutton boost on the Fishman but I rarely used it. With the guitar, I really wanted a foot pedal boost (hence Fire-eye) and still have the better preamp on the Fishman (and not use the DI of the Fishman). I like the idea of putting the tuner after the Fishman, I'll see how that works. I may end up getting rid of the Fishman as I play around with the preamp of the Fire-eye.

    Distortion hasn't been a problem yet, but I'll keep that in mind. Thanks.

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