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Thread: Maple jumbo comparison F-55 vs. J-200 and Taylor 618

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    Maple jumbo comparison F-55 vs. J-200 and Taylor 618

    I apologize if this has been posted before, but I thought this was a nice comparison between the Guild, Gibson, and Taylor maple jumbos (notice I didn't say "shootout"). Each has it's own distinctive voice and they're all great in my estimation. At 5:58 they play them in sequence and it's easier to hear the difference.
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    I'm a maple jumbo fan and I've watched that comparison many times.
    The Gibson appeals most to me in that clip but I love how the F-55 Maple sounds in this demo,

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    Thanks for passing on the video!

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    The Taylor sounded too delicate for my tastes in the first clip.

    Love the arched-back press in the backdrop of the second clip! And yes, the F-55 sounded gorgeous in that second clip, too.
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    I've never seen it before so thanks for posting the link. They're all super nice sounding guitars. Seems like a nice comparison and gives you a good idea of the differences, and the similarities.
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    I'll own one of these someday soon. I did just pick up the F 55 RW. My F 50R from Tacoma is one of my all time favorite Guilds but this one is just as good and possible even better IMHO. I know some here still don't buy it but I think Oxnard is getting it right for sure.
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    I never saw this before either. My vote would be Guild 1, Gibson 2, Taylor a distant 3rd.
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    that is great. i could not really hear much of a difference tonally. the gibson sounded best but not by much over the Guild but I also liked the taylor too. maybe i do need a maple jumbo after all.

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    FWIW, I've never played a jumbo maple Gibson that I thought was anywhere near as good as my F50 until I played this one.

    My Facebook friends have seen this photo before, but for those who haven't, that's Rev. Gary Davis's 1951 SJ200. Even with a shifted neck block, bad neck set, and super dead strings, it was incredibly light and resonant. If only I were rich! This one is for sale, and they've already turned down $10K for it.

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    That's a very cool photo, Sandy! I'm a big-time fan of the music of Rev. Gary Davis. Thanks for posting here on LTG!

    Also, what's the backstory on how you came to be holding this guitar?
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