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Thread: Vintage Guilds featured at Willie's Guitars St. Paul, MN

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    Vintage Guilds featured at Willie's Guitars St. Paul, MN

    Willie's Guitars here in St. Paul, MN is famous for new and vintage guitars and every week or so he posts an educational video to Facebook featuring guitars he has for sale. Today he's talking about the Guilds in his shop. I'm not sure about his telling of Guild's history but he has some nice vintage instruments to talk about.
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    Ha, that was a good watch! He never mentioned the model but I must assume the Braz 12 string is an F-312. One of my bucket list guitars.
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    Cool vid. Not sure if he was out there or not, but times are still a changin I guess "Braz adds $10k to the price of a new guitar". I don't even want to know how much the guitars costs if that's really the case...
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    You can certainly ask any price you want. Will you get it? I dunno.

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    Looks like the only Guild acoustic he has for sale is a CV-01 that has seen better days.

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