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Thread: Saw this on facebook...

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    Saw this on facebook...

    Was this catalog from the Nashville Custom Shop?

    Wasn't there a big hub-bub about pinstriped guitars a while back? And now that is a Sunburst!

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    Yikes! All three of them are hideous. I've seen the Bluesbird in the middle before, and finishes like that should be confined to bowling balls.

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    Quote Originally Posted by twocorgis View Post
    Yikes! All three of them are hideous. I've seen the Bluesbird in the middle before, and finishes like that should be confined to bowling balls.
    Three strikes and you're out!
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    I don't mind the Bluesbird look at all. The other two...…...Not so much.
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    That's from the Guild 50th anniversary catalog that came out in 2003. Here's the link to the catalog from GAD's blog:

    I've always assumed those are from Nashville. Here's a tour of the Nashville Custom Shop from, which seems to date it correctly:

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    Quote Originally Posted by richardp69 View Post
    I don't mind the Bluesbird look at all. The other two...Ö...Not so much.
    I knew the JF30 was Bono's already, that was his "Sun" design they painted on it, and yeah the pinstriped SF does have a pretty narrow niche appeal, but then again that's what they were trying to sell, that capability of actually doing it with factory provenance.
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    I like the pinstripes and I love the holoflake and Iíve love to score a single pickup one. I have nothing nice to say about that acoustic, though.

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    Nothing hideous here, all really beautiful and lustworthy.

    The Silver one really pays homage to the Gretsch Silver Jet or Roc Jet or whatever that was, the Sun guitar is ok with me, quite nice actually, Here Comes The Sun ;) And the Starfire, Wow. I just learned to love pinstriping.

    This may be the first guitar I've liked it on, really nice.

    Any of the above sold then probably worth a mint now.

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    I'm really liking the pinstripes as well!! But I'm afraid I'd lose them......
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