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Thread: Your Favorite Amps for Starfire 4

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    Your Favorite Amps for Starfire 4

    Hi all,
    I believe Iím about to buy a Ď97 Starfire 4 Ė mahogany, think it has those Seymour Duncan pickups that GAD likes (thanks GAD, for your pickup id tips!). Anyway, if I donít get this one, I will get one some day as Iíve wanted one ever since I played a Ď62 in a music store and the notes went right inside meĖ loved it!
    My question to you all is, what is your favorite amp to play a Starfire through?
    I played that Ď62 through a Hot Rod Deluxe that sounded quite nice.
    Would it sound good through an acoustic amp?
    Iíve mostly played acoustic up to this point, mostly strum but pick a few notes finger style (Is a Starfire a good strumming/ rhythm guitar?). Iíd love to hear what amps you like for these.
    New member here. Iíve tried to soak up a lot of your knowledge, so pleased to make your acquaintance. I love Guilds and donít even own one yet!
    Andrew (drewg)

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    hello and welcome to LTG.

    of course the answer is dumble.

    joke aside, ask yourself first, how loud you'll have to play and in which direction soundwise do you want to go (listen to other guitarists and look up what amps the ones use that you like).
    then there are so many great amps on the market to chose from - tubes, transistor, modeling, profiling, only depending on taste, volume, and walletsize.
    remember it is not the guitar or amp or pedals, but the player who makes the sound. ;)
    my 2 ct, all the best,

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    myself. ;)

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    My favorite amp for just about anything is a Deluxe Reverb (preferably not a reissue). Better than that is a Gretsch Executive, which is basically the same circuit. If the 22 watts is not enough then a good microphone is in order.

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    I agree with dbrichett; any guitar will sound good through a Deluxe Reverb, or for that matter, any good vintage Fender amp. Lately, my gig amp has been a Gibson Scout, it’s like a Princeton Reverb with a bad attitude.
    Try as many different amps as you can, friends, music store, whatever, and see what speaks to you.
    Good luck and have fun with the search!
    Oh, ‘97 SF 4’s are dy-no-mite guitars.
    Shihan= Dennis

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    Had never heard of a Dumble– but when Wikipedia says "primarily for celebrity musicians" that probably doesn't describe me. :)
    I hear many good things about Deluxe Reverb. Don't know about Gretch Executives, so I'll check that out, thanks.
    For myself, I'm looking for a small tube amp for home playing and eventually maybe small venues. I tend to like tube amps (though I'll probably get a Fishman Loudbox for my acoustics). Guitarists I like are Mark Knopfler, Lightning Hopkins, Willie Nelson, Neil Young. But I'm not (consciously) trying to mimic them, and I know I just have to try out a few amps to see what I like.
    But my question to you all is what amps do you personally like to play Starfires through; or do you think Starfires sound particularly good through a certain amp. I just like to hear your personal opinions, your own personal preferences, to give me some amps to try.
    I hear Lightnin' played a Starfire at times, but I've never seen/heard him with one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by drewg View Post
    Iíve mostly played acoustic up to this point, mostly strum but pick a few notes finger style (Is a Starfire a good strumming/ rhythm guitar?).
    Welcome aboard, drewg!
    Nobody answered that one yet but I'm not even an "electric guy" and I can tell you that Starfires are one of the most versatile guitars ever made, so, yes.
    (Bob Weir used one for a while, after Garcia moved had moved on from his SF)
    In fact kind of surprised the question got asked.

    Oh and at the other end of the spectrum:

    Hendrix with his genuine lefty, '68.
    And as you probably know Jimi wasn't all fire and thunder all the time, either. (Wind Cries Mary, Castles Made of Sand)
    You might take his amp choice into consideration too.... actually I can't tell what it is other than the proverbial "any good vintage Fender amp" Shihan mentioned.
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    Welcome drewg! I had '98 SFIV, yours will sound good with almost any amp!

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    When it comes to humbucker equipped guitars I'm partial to my Fender Princeton, an early '68 silverface with the blackface circuit and components. This is the non-reverb version, a lot less gainy than its Reverb sibling. Which means it has actual headroom with higher output pickups and can be played in its clean sweet spot (Vol at ~4.5) in a house without annoying your neighbors. Note: the stock 10" Oxford speaker commonly found in these amps is a gutless atrocity and should be replaced. I recommend the Weber version of a Jensen C10Q or something similar.

    But…any decent amp should sound good. :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by drewg View Post
    Would it sound good through an acoustic amp?
    No, definitely not. Acoustic amps and electric guitars is a pretty awful combination.

    The music you mention doesn't seem to be about squeaky clean guitar tones. In that case, if it's mainly for playing at home, get something under ten watts. There's a whole market for small tube amps now, from fairly affordable to super expensive/boutique, with most stops in between. Five or ten watts with an efficient speaker still gets awful loud in a room in a house playing by yourself. A bigger amp won't sound as good and won't be as fun to play if you have to keep the volume on the amp really low - most tube amps only really come to life when you turn them up halfway.

    A Deluxe Reverb is a fun amp in a band setting, but if you want anything else than clean, it's much bigger than you need if most of your playing is at home by yourself.

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    It depends:

    On your tastes
    On your mood
    On the Starfire
    On the pickups
    On the genre
    On your ability to discern tones
    On the song

    So, it depends. :)

    That's one of the reasons I own an Axe-FX - so I can get them all.
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