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Thread: June Carter & Johnny Cash

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    June Carter & Johnny Cash

    Here's June Carter and Johnny Cash on the show Rainbow Quest with Pete Seeger. The video quality is poor, but the sound is good. June appears to be playing a sunburst Guild F-30. I first saw this video clip on the Ken Burns PBS documentary "Country Music". As others have noted, Johnny Cash looks to be "wound up tighter than a banjo string" on amphetamines! But, Pete Seeger seems to be a good sport about it. The music starts about 2:35 minutes in.

    This is the full 52:00 minute episode. In it, Johnny Cash and June Carter pass the Guild F-30 back and forth as they play and sing... "I am a Pilgrim", "Worried Man Blues" and "How High's the Water, Mama?". The music starts about 8:00 minutes in.
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    June appears to be playing a sunburst Guild F-30.
    It's an F-20Sb., but it's entertaining nevertheless!


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