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Thread: What's going on with shipping costs?

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    What's going on with shipping costs?

    I'm seeing more and more sellers wanting $125-$150 for shipping guitars within the continental US. I've even seen a couple that wanted $250 and $500! Is shipping really getting that expensive or is this just a way for sellers to mitigate eBay and Reverb fees? Craziness...

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    Get you to click on their item because the price "looks good" but seller doesn't really want to go that low so they add the difference back in as "shipping/handling"?

    Just a guess, because I haven't sold/shipped any instruments in awhile so am not current on shipper's current prices/policies.

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    Ebay charges fees on shipping as well as part of their final value 3%. Not sure about Reverb. I usually just pass over anything with more than $100 in shipping. I think $60 to $75 is pretty fair within CONUS.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GGJaguar View Post
    I'm seeing more and more sellers wanting $125-$150 for shipping guitars within the continental US....
    Yes, it was a rude awakening when I went to ship a guitar several months ago. Shipping costs for guitars have indeed gone up. Apparently they started measuring the overall dimensions, not just the weight. If you're a seller on reverb, though, using reverb shipping gives you a BIG break on the shipping - at least half of what you'd otherwise pay.
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    I think it's a way for sellers to make more money. I've seen magazines with $7.95 to ship, etc. The classic for me is looking for a guitar pick for my collection, and the shipping is something like $3.50. But I know it's going to arrive in a regular envelope!

    To be honest, I try to avoid sellers that seem to be adding to their profit via their shipping price.

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    I imagine it's a way for the seller to guard against the cost of buyer's remorse / returns. If the buyer changes their mind they must pay return shipping and will only be refunded the selling price. The seller is left with a little money for their trouble. As a buyer myself this arrangement doesn't bother me too much if it's an item I really want and the seller has good feedback. I know the costs going in.
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    I shipped a guitar to Oregon from Florida and it cost me $78. So if they are dropping a guitar off at a UPS store or likewise and having someone else do the packing...$150 is entirely possible.

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    When my sister shipped my dad's Chinese Regal resonator up to me from Georgia, it was $53 and change for USPS retail ground, with $800 worth of insurance. Two day shipping was $84, iirc.Fedex was about $68. FedEx Office to FedEx Office was about 39 and change, but that was over a year ago. Sure seems like things get spendy once you expedite shipping.
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    UPS just charged me $120 for MA to Oregon. I was expecting $75 based on prior year’s costs.
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    When I shipped my Ovation to Tom, in Florida, with insurance of $1500, it cost me $125. Tom ships enough that he could send it back to me for $85. When Rayk sent me the CO-1 from the northwoods of where ever, it was close to that. I don't know if the amount of insurance really boosts the cost or not.
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