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Thread: F-55(r) How does it play?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rayk View Post
    Thanks�� I think that was the last time I
    played her.☹️
    And whose fault is that??!
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    Quote Originally Posted by adorshki View Post
    And whose fault is that??!
    Um , yours ? Lol

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    Wow great comments. Apparently the one F55 I heard at sound demo falls in line with all the comments so far. It was not as loud as the last F50r I owned. Maybe it was a mistake that I sold that guitar, since my purchase seemed to all go wrong. I bought it as "New Old Stock", but the case had been switched out for an old worn case, and the guitar sounded bad. Rather than to spend more on it I sold it to break even.

    I got an excited feedback from the new buyer who stated they didn't mind the wrong case. For the guitar he asked me if I had done the setup and adjusted the nut, to which I said "it was new old stock, and no, I didn't have anything done on it." Apparently the shop that sold it me had a bizarre setup and had messed with the nut where everything was cut wrong and botched. -I passed this guitar on because I had similar bad experience with local luthiers. More recently I drive 2 hours to get to known competent luthiers. Additionally the new shop rates are $95/hr., up from $84.

    The entire time I thought the guitar was maybe a NOS lemon. But the new owner told me how sweet a guitar it was, once everything was corrected with a replacement nut and saddle/ neck corrections.

    I have discovered that for stringed instruments it is often a matter of luck what you get. I don't know why but I always made out very lucratively when buying or trading drum gear. Often I could easily see how to improve on drums or parts that were botched. But I have seen some god awful things done to a lot of guitars.

    So there is solace in knowing that if obtaining one or more good guitars we've done well.
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