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Thread: Cherry/mahogany X175

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    Cherry/mahogany X175

    It sold fast, it wasn't on Reverb longer than a day and a half, and I'm not surprised either - check out this fairly unique X175 in cherry with what appears to be a Starfire style laminated mahogany body (or at least the outer laminate layer) :

    I guess it's very similar to those short-lived "Stratford Starfire" guitars, but I've never seen that wood/color combo on a 175 before that I can recall. Great looking guitar in any case!

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    Looking at the "Made in U.S.A." stamp on the label it looks like that was a "Export model" for UK probably. Very nice looking!

    There was also a X-175 Deluxe with mahogany body and in cherry color from 1963 that one member had/has with ebony fingerboard and bound f-holes.

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    ... with the floral Kolb tuners. A very cool axe!

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    Must put an alert on UK Guilds!
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    Oh, that is really cool!

    I wonder if an LTGer got it?

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    Great one. Like the color and condition.
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    Wow! That is great-looking! I don't recall seeing one of those before either. It looks in great condition and very clean also. I would have given serious consideration to purchasing that if I had seen it. (So it's probably good that I didn't!)

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