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Thread: This is why I get up in the morning.....

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    This is why I get up in the morning.....

    I have said it for years and it stands.. this guy is a treasure..
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    Now, that was good and his rhythm player to his left is a testimony to fast strumming.
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    I have said it for years and it stands.. I get exposed to more great artists/music here than anywhere.

    Thank you sir!!
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    Now that guit-steel is interesting!

    "In 1985, Brown created a new type of double-neck guitar, with some assistance from Michael Stevens. Brown called the instrument his "guit-steel". When performing, Brown plays the guitar by standing behind it, while it rests on a small music stand. The top neck on the guit-steel is a traditional six-string guitar, while the lower neck is a full-size lap steel guitar for slide playing. ... The original instrument, dubbed "Old Yeller", has as its standard six-string guitar portion the neck and pickups from Brown's previous stage guitar, a Fender Bullet. ...Brown has stated that the invention of the guit-steel was always a matter of convenience so that he could play both lap steel and lead guitar during live performances and not directly motivated by a desire to be a "one man band"."

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    I thought that was fantastic.

    Here's a clip I hope others will enjoy too.

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    Nominee for the country musics Best Song Title: Junior Brown: “My Wife Thinks You’re Dead”

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stuball48 View Post
    Now, that was good and his rhythm player to his left is a testimony to fast strumming.
    That rhythm player is his wife too
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    That was terrific !
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    Junior is definitely one of a kind. So are these guys playing the same song:
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    Yep. Saw Junior Brown at The Ram's Head in Annapolis several years ago and flat loved it. If you have the chance, see him live.

    One of my bucket list items to see him at The Continental Club in Austin.
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