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Thread: Shipping craziness #1834

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    Quote Originally Posted by mountainpix View Post
    Thanks! Very helpful, indeed!
    Forgot to mention I've used both of those (granted not on a guitar case, but I used the "outdoor" stuff on a vintage '60's bicycle handlebar) and the neat thing is that you can pierce the nozzle with something small enough to allow a nice tight bead when dispensing, to make a nice tight line along the join of the "tear" and not worry about ugly smearing.
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    It could have been worse. This was my D-18.

    The reason is kind of obvious from the box.

    Guess I didn't pack it well enough to hold up under fork lifts. About the only positive thing about this I can say is that at least the neck didn't break.

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    HOLY SMOKES... that's gotta be one of the worst bust-ups I've seen... damn!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bonneville88 View Post
    HOLY SMOKES... that's gotta be one of the worst bust-ups I've seen... damn!
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