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Thread: Michael Penn - "No Myth" - Guild 12-string

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    Michael Penn - "No Myth" - Guild 12-string

    You may have heard this song, maybe not. Here's the official video I stumbled upon, he's playing a Guild 12-string:

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    F-112? 212?
    There times when each of 'em of had no chesterfield, but it does look like the gold silk-screen logo so I'm thinking F112.
    Love the part where he drops his pick.

    Thanks Jeff!
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    Good tune. It came out when I was in the USN stationed in Japan.
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    i could not stand this song when it came out. figure he made it due to his brother...
    still, nice to see an Old Guild 12 in the mix and i like how the dude in video is setting up while he is playing. pretty funny.

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