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Thread: ‘67 Thunderbass

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    Yes. It looked like a robot from a 1950s Sci-Fi movie.

    I'd be curious to hear the back story of the design decision that led to that one! There must have been some heated exchanges, yes/no?

    Vague recall is that mine was the lower power version, not the 100 watt version endorsed by Fielder from BS&T. So the head got traded in for a slightly louder Traynor rig. I played that with the Guild cab as an extension until I graduated up to Sunn tube & Solid State rigs.

    Anyway ....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Happy Face View Post
    Yes. It looked like a robot from a 1950s Sci-Fi movie.
    I remember '50's sci-fi movie robots as still having that "streamlined" look.
    (Robot is on the left):

    In this case I think the amp foreshadowed the '70's robots, or in this case, evil computers, as in "Colossus; the Forbin Project":
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    This site needs a ‘“like” button. The Thunderbass head is one of my two favorites.
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