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Thread: Jack Casady Interview

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    Jack Casady Interview

    Not a lot about equipment but a lot of interesting thoughts on music.

    Guild content

    The opening image has a Frankenguild. As I remember the story Leo Quan (Bad A$$ Bridges) took the neck from a JetStar, Bisonics from Jack's stash and added them to the Flying V shaped body. mgod has played the bass and all I remember of his comments is that you can't really play it sitting down.

    The second modified Starfire is in the Electric Ladyland clip. Only the headstock is visible but there are some brief snippets of a tone I'd love to have :-)

    Other clips have a JC Sig. Funky#7 features the blue version which will be a lust object for me until Guild makes the right blue Starfire Bass II.

    The '73 clip has the Alembic.
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    What he said.
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    Frono: You are correct----again.

    '67 Starfire I Bass (Cherry)
    '71 JS II Bass (Walnut)
    '82 B-50 Acoustic Bass (Natural)
    '87 Pilot (Black)
    '13 Newark Street Starfire Bass (Cherry)
    '16 Betts Bass "Walnut Bottom"

    LMG I, II, III

    This space available.

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    Great interview! Here's my favorite quote: "The art of listening, I think, is to allow yourself to not only absorb what is being done by the composer and the lyricist, but at the same time, to invent something of your own to go along with it..."

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    Good read. Thanks for posting.

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