Just a short update on the amp I mentioned in my thread in acoustics . HOLY COW !!!!!!! I'm impressed!!! I didn't record anything the guitar needs new strings and my hands need moisturizing bad especially my thumb on the left hand .

So when when I can I'll put something together for a audio demo and I hope it sounds as good as I hear it !

Some points , this amp is unbelievably quiet and I'm blown away by that as I never had a quiet tube amp .

Next there's actually reaction from every knob be it bass,trebble , mids , presence they all have a dang good response to the slightest changes .

At first I'm thinking the crunch or lead channel sounded like an old tube amp when overdrive channels weren't known but it broke up enough that it was usable . My first thought was AC/DC .

I really was considering a 2 twelve model ( Bugara doesn't have one ) as the jet city I had lacked enough volume (22watts) and I remember my old Peavey 1/12 combo also all tube it was mind blowing loud at a 120 watts but it didn't have a great sound .

So I thought a 2 twelve would give me a good mix to bump it up not necessarily loud but room filling .

So here I am working on a AC/DC type sound and I start thinking I just need to add some peddles and man it'll sing .

I was kind reminded of Bootlegger amps which I was considering which was 30 watts and class A tube bliss single channel . The best part of this amp was you have complete control over how you develpoed your sound .

Though I have not played one it sure made me want one ! But a single channel killed it , maybe I just think I'm thinking old school and not much experience on getting my sound through peddles .

Anyway this amp this 1/12 combo sounds like it does just that regardless of peddles as far as lead and chrunch or whatever you want to call it lol Overdrive haha .

But wait that gain pod next to my clean Volume knob maybe I should give it another go though I could of sworn it worked with the clean channel anyway I crank it up and holy bat gunao overdrive blizz , that'll teach me to read the distructions lol

The sound the overdrive sound that is ,I don't know , best way I can say it is clean ! No unwanted underlying nasty noise or distortion and to me it's sweet .

Now add peddles and you've a great base to hone in your sound .

Lastly the reverb , thank you , thank you I have reverb onboard again more bliss and it sounds great to !!!

Maybe I'm to excited and not seeing clearly enough and tomorrow I'll end up hating it .

Funny thing is I haven't put a hour into it yet and I'm that much impressed .

A most excellent score for the price if she keeps up and not break down in some way .

K that's enough blah blah .

Audio when I can 😁