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Thread: NGD! ‘72 Guild F-50

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    Congratulations on the F50! I hope the repair needs are minimal ( aside from the reset of course ) and she brings you years of good playing.

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    So! Picked up the F-50 about a hour ago. The overall condition is as expected. It needs a neck reset, though it plays surpisingly fine as is. Sounds fantastic, even with what I suspect is a 0.11-set of Elixir, and it's amazingly lightweighted compared to my F-412.

    From this point of view it almost looks like a square neck... The action isn't THAT HIGH!

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    Beautiful guitar and they are an amazing playing and sounding guitar as well.
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    Because we need more pictures.

    Guitar got a neck reset and new frets six months ago or so.
    This is perhaps the most pleasing piece of instrument I’ve ever had. It’s big, bold and beefy. Sounds amazing. It’s great for travis-picking, nice for leads and excellent if you dig in some straight forward strumming. The sound is full and even across the spectrum.



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    Nice job.

    You've given that guitar a good home.

    I really like the back of that guitar
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    Quote Originally Posted by TruckstopChuckie View Post
    ...It’s big, bold and beefy...
    ...and made to be played! Gotta love a jumbo!
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    Nice rescue! Definitely a great Guild that deserves a second life. Congrats!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cougar View Post
    ...and made to be played! Gotta love a jumbo!
    True! As much as I love my Martin D-18GE, the F-50 have done something with me. Outstanding instrument, so inspiring!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TruckstopChuckie View Post
    ...Guitar got a neck reset and new frets six months ago or so...
    Good for you! Taking the steps to make the guitar more playable usually results in you, er , playing it more. And that is a good thing ‘round here. Your guitar is a classic! Glad it has a good home.

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    That's a good one, u can tell just looking at it.

    Rarely do I ever lust over Maple but this one would convince me otherwise.

    Uh oh, another bucket list guitar.

    But, I have to many dreads, so there's a solution in sight ;)

    But seriously, that's a beautiful old Guild rejuvenated, money so well spent.

    Remember that, when you're up to yr @$$ in guitars and tripping over the cases, all money well spent ;)))

    Can you say that about much of anything else you spend money on?
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