I am curious about how many GSR Model Acoustic/Acoustic Electric Guitars were produced at the New Hartford, Conn. Plant and the Production Numbers of Each Model. Here is an excerpt from Wiki on the subject.

The New Hartford facility has also created a new line of specialty, limited edition guitars, referred to as the GSR Series. The GSR designation stands for "Guild Special Run." This series was first revealed to Guild dealers at Guild's dealer-only factory tour in mid-2009. These models feature unique takes on classic Guild Traditional Series models. GSR models include the F-20 (figured Cocbolo), F-30R (master-grade Rosewood), F-40 (figured Cocobolo), F-50 (figured Koa), and D-50 (figured Cocobolo), and Guild's only electric guitar to be produced since 2003, the GSR Starfire VI (only 20 produced). Each of these instruments features unique designs, wood selection, ornamentation, and has extremely limited production numbers.

They left out the GSR D40 Noir in the Wiki post. If anyone has info on the production numbers of the different models it would be of great help. Below is a list of the different Models with the production numbers. I know The D50 is 1 of 20 but can't find a definite number on the others. If I am leaving any model out other than the Orpheums please let me know. Thanks for the Help everyone!

Model ----------------------Production #
GSR F-20 Cocobolo------------?
GSR F-30 MG Rosewood----?
GSR F-40 Cocobolo -----------?
GSR F-50 Koa -------------------?
GSR D40 Noir --------------------?
GSR D50 Cocobolo -----------20