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purchased this this morning 2008 Gad d 50
Hello out there! I'm a little late to the party... "A funny thing happened on the way to the forum." Stephen Sondheim
Hello @beecee,
I wanted to check in to see if you were going to pursue @CLMacPherson's G-212? You made the initial contact so if you want it of course it's all yours. If not I'm going to follow up with him. LMK thanks! How was that other G-212 you went to look at?
Best, William
Hi Dread: several folks tell me you are/have been involved with Guitars for Vets. I'm thinking about donating to them, but would like to hear something of your experience with this group. Just double checking before I make a contribution. Thanks, Jeff/Uke
Thanks for the info. I did see that GFVets has guitars for sale on Is that a usual practice, not that I would have any trouble with it as long as the proceeds went for the cause? Thanks also for your personal involvement in GFVts.
Well they do have those guitars but I think they are all customized by various artists.

We have also sold donated guitars locally to help with chapter expenses; we had a glut of donated guitars. Then we can use the cash to buy strings and accessories for the Vets.
Yes, I wondered if the organization could get swamped with guitars at times, so it make sense to cash them out if they can.
Hello Secndshft,
As I mentioned in the chat about your Starfire II to III conversion, I'd like to do the same to my '64 Starfire II. Is it a Guildsby B7 I should be looking for?
Thanks in advance for your help.
I honestly don't know which model this is. A friend tried to explain what is what in terms of Bigsby(s) and it went in one ear and out the other. But here's what he said. I’ve got a B3 on my starfire, B7 is that with a retainer bar , B6 is like a B3 but with a longer body, B5 is the surface mount

I can ask him again what you should look for. Best of luck.
My Starfire is exactly like yours so maybe I'll look for a Guildsby that matches yours visually.
Serial no. on Ricks 1967 is HD-260. Yours is pretty close. I did buy it and it plays like a dream and I'll bet yours does too. It is strange playing it knowing what it has witnessed. I was lucky enough to see Rick playing solo gigs in Niagara Falls three times with it, over a good span and yes, he played it like no tomorrow, hence the earned wear and tear. Cheers
Hey, so glad you wrote! What do you know of the history of it? Is it the same guitar that appears in shots from the "The Band" (brown album) sessions? Looks brand new then (of course). Did Danko originally own it or was it a Band-owned instrument that Danko ended up with? Can you provide a current photo of the top? I love mine, but would have preferred his! You are fortunate to own it. Thanks again, JR
Hello John,
I'm a relatively new LTG member based in Southern California. I'm wondering if you could recommend a luthier in SoCal who is experienced with Guild acoustics and electrics? Thanks in advance for any info.
Best, William
I wish I could. I went to a "well known" guy on Sunset Blvd and was rather underwhelmed. His web page lists a whos who of famous people but since I wasn't one of them, I got the mailed it in effort, I guess. I ended up sending my guitar to a forum member that you will see LOTS of recommendations to. He's way out in Florida. Look up Fixit. He used to work at Guild.
Hi John,
Thanks for your note.
I've had a similar experience with a well-known LA luthier too. I guess we just need to get famous! : )
I have the Florida luthier's info thanks.
Best, William
Avid player and collector of the Guild Mark Series of Classical Guitars……I am looking for a Mark VII to finish my collection.
I picked up a 59 X-175, s/n 11828. Came with the original case. It's been modified with a Bigsby. It has the Chesterfield logo on the headstock.
The pots closest to the edge are the tones and they are both stacked pots. Curious to know if this one is the same. The volume pots are normal. I had to reglue a couple of the fingerboard inlays as the were coming up. Let me know if you're were able to get it.

William, somehow I managed to delete your message (this forum is NOT easy to use), but I'll try to answer your questions as best as I can recall them.

However, I've tried 3 times now and am unable to post. Too many characters, it tells me. Can you try using the envelope character up at the top? Just send me a quick note, you don't need to repeat your questions.

Hello Ken,
I'm very interested in your D-50 burst. Is it still available?
If so, a few questions:
-does the guitar have any cracks anywhere? Any checking (crazing)?
-could I trouble you for a few more pictures? Of the sound hole and pick guard, of the sticker inside the sound hole, and another that is a side view of the string action at the 12th fret?
Thank you!
Best, William
I got a message from Chazmo. Told me to knock my politics off. Politics has got in the way of me expressing myself. What I said would have not been deleted a year or two ago, but now it's a new relevance. What is the next word I won't be able to say?
Hope I'll be here to answer your reply.

Are they monitoring here too?
If you are interested in the '76 S-100 let me know. $1,600 + shipping (what I paid)

If my s300-d I have listed sells first, I will be keeping this one. No issues, great guitar!


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Hi drc,

Unfortunately I'm not interested in the S100 as I have a red Deluxe in my bullpen. Their aren't many gaps in my vintage Guild "wants" but on occasion something pops up that gets my attention.

The M65 with a pair of the chrome "Polara" type single coils caught my attention and unfortunately I missed out. I'm now in pursuit of the Sunburst M65 on eBay.