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I am the original owner of a D80. Always maintained in a wooden case. It’s got some natural wear on it but in great condition and sound. Wondering what’s it worth. And how do I post pics.
I have been told I need a neck reset on my 1978 D-35. I had one guy, a former Guild employee, tell me $700. To me that seems steep, any thoughts?
Howdy Doc. Just fyi, I do have a New Hartford 2010 F 50R for sale on Reverb and is also listed on this forum in the buy/sell area. May not be what you're looking for but thought I'd pass the info along just in case.

Sorry if you get this twice. I'm pretty incompetent on the computer.

Howdy Doc. Just fyi, I do have a New Hartford 2010 F 50R for sale on Reverb and is also listed on this forum in the buy/sell area. May not be what you're looking for but thought I'd pass the info along just in case.

October 2020 So much has happened. The sad stuff first and then the good stuff.
I've got an F-512 I'm thinking of selling. It's a New Hartford guitar, I think 2011, in great shape. One small dent in the soundboard near the bridge, no other noticeable marks. Sounds as good as they come. $1950 plus 1/2 shipping, which shouldn't be too much as I'm in Florida also. Let me know and I'll get you some pics. Charlie
I believe that I have a Guild JF 100 NT CRV That once belonged to you . It is amazing. Can you provide me with some background? Thank you fir your time
Interesting! My JF 100 NT-CRV is serial number AJ1000018 they are closely related no?? It would be a 1994
Hello Tom R.,

Welcome! Noticed the photo of your Guild Deco. That's # 5427059 ........ right? If that's correct, I assume you're not located in the U.S., since at the time that guitar was exported.

Just curious!


Hans Moust
Bill, Darrell here ---I'm working on a Gibson GA19RVT from 62 that is called Crest but really is manly a Tweed version. Your post is great but all of the photos are now gone?? Yeah you posed this 10 years ago but the tone component strip is a major interest to me because of the little 20mf mini caps and changing them to the 22uf available today. Component size does matter!
Hi George,
I know you don't get around to LTG much of late, but in case you do just wanted you to know I've been thinking of you. Hope things are going well for you. I think you're missed around the forums but certainly know what "been busy" is like, and no doubt you are! Take care. You and yours are always in my thoughts and prayers.
Hi there! Just saw your thread, and while not making any promise yet, I wanted to ask where you are located, as I entertained the thought of selling my X-175.

The reason I'm asking for your location is I am really not hot about shipping guitars, but if push comes to shove, that might be arranged.

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lol... I had no idea this was going out as a post... I thought I was sending you a PM. Guess I need to learn a thing or two about this new LTG version.
Yes it's me and yes I speak French, (born and raised in Le Mans)


PS: Oh, and Denis is my middle name. :)
I really admire your playing !
Thank you
Hey Rayk!!! Haven't seen you on the LTG site in a while. Everything o.k.????

Yeah , every thing is fine thanks for asking .
I drifted by a few times but I didn't see anything I could comment on so I just stayed quite . Lol
How are you and family ?.

I had occasion to ask my luthier buddy (the guy doing the repair on my F50R) the same question about 2 years ago, on behalf of my god-daughter. He said that one of the really good basses that is very often overlooked is the Yamaha bass family, either the RB or BB series. He said that they were very well made, had good pickups, and were almost always very cheap second hand.

Hi there Woody!!! I have a gift I'd like to give you if you are interested, and if you have room for one more guitar. It's not a Guild but is a really fine sounding guitar.

If interested, please send me your mailing address, phone # and email address (Fed Ex needs that for the shipping label) I likely couldn't get it shipped for a couple weeks or so.

Take care,

Westerly Wood
Westerly Wood
Hey Richard, wow, I do not know what to say. Certainly this is nothing I have earned or even deserve. We are in the process of moving homes, and we move in 2 weeks. While I can definitely take another guitar at the new house, I do not think I could receive it till we are at the new house. If you want to ship it, can you wait for like 3 weeks? What type of guitar is it? Anyway, thanks for considering me Richard.