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Are you a rancher? Is that a Flea bitten Grey? Here are a few my horses. The best ride I ever had was in southern Utah on a Paso Fino.


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Hans, I just purchased a Guild A50 AD500001 dated inside neck June 1, 1995. If you know anything of this guitar, value, history, good or bad rep, etc, would you let me know if it’s not too much trouble? I have a lot of pics on the forum…..about the A25 and A50 and have talked a lot with heymikey. I also wondered if this guitar could be the first in the A50 production run. Paid $800.
Cary Bowden
Charlie, Bill Ashton here...just stumbled upon the images I took when your got your new F212 at Union...2010? Anyway, just
wanted to make sure you had them before I edited my account at Photobucket, let me know if you would like me to forward them
to you...
Hi, Spoox!

At a moderator's wise request, I toned down my post about Craigslist and mentioning vaxxes.

We all have strange friends. A couple of the responses I got would qualify as disturbed. I was glad the posters don't know where I live. They weren't threatening, just hostile, aggressive, and paranoid.

On we go!
I guess besides collecting instruments, books, Balinese masks, etc. my strangest collection has to be the human oddities that I call friends. People nowadays
seem to get off hurling invectives at strangers as a means of dealing with pent up frustrations. Tsk!
Charlie Bernstein
You are clearly able to post whatever you wish, however it would be nice to know why you are angry with me...
Hello again,
I don’t know if you got the message I sent yesterday (or indeed if you’ll get this one). I’m interested in the Bluesbird you have for sale. I realize I’m new here but I can assure you that I’m a regular human being living in Houston, TX. Perhaps, you’re working with another member on a sale. Anyway, please let me know one way or another and thank you.
I‘m new here. I’m sending this (I hope), as a PM. Anyway, I’m interested in your guitar. I suppose a lot of information gathering could be had during the course of a 5 minute telephone conversation. If I’m not breaking any rules here and if this is something you’ll do, let me know and I’ll give you my number.
Hey john

I need a day or two to contemplate here. I’m certainly willing to talk to you about the guitar. I could even video it if you want.

that said, this week is a stressful one for me, so I’ll have to get back to you in a day or two.

Hi Clay,
Assuming a successful conversation, I’ll pay your price. I don’t want to quibble over a $100 for a beautiful, lifetime instrument - though it is in my nature to do so…:) So, please hold it for me until we talk. I’m at 832 758 4410. Please let me know you got this and call me when you can.
Hi John,

Yes, I received your message and look forward to finding a time to talk to you. I'll hold onto it until that's possible. Perhaps a time on Saturday (4-16) might work for you? Let me know-
My phone number is 413-695-2410 and my email is

Greetings, Keith - I have a paperback copy available as well if you don't hear back from Bill. Same condition. I'd sell it for what I paid for = $90 + $10 shipping.

Carlos Ferrer
Beaverton, OR
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I will take it - let me know how you want to handle I havent bought here before. Thanks for the response
We typically use PayPal friends & family to avoid selling fees. I think they will charge you a 2% fee as the buyer. I will need your PayPal e-mail address, your physical address to mail the book. LTG'ers typically charge cost + shipping for LTG members. We are not here to make money. Let me know if this works for you. My PayPal e-mail address is
Be well,
Here are some pictures.


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Hi Bonneville88,

I have the exact same guitar as your DCE3, s/n ADO30160. It is the best sounding acoustic I have ever played.

My email is, send me an email if you want to talk more about your treasure.

All the Best,

I ended up getting a Gator case from Sweetwater.
Do you remember the model name /number of the Gator case that you use for your om240? If you do, please let me know. Thanks
Good morning, gviesca - I own a players grade DV52 I'd be willing to part with. Tweaking my collection towards more Mahogany. One of my favorite recording guitars. If interested, I can take pictures and send them your way. Please let me know. Cheers, Carlos Ferrer
Condition, there is a lot of weather checking all over the guitar, there is a repaired side crack on the upper bout of the bass side. Otherwise, the guitar is in very good condition, natural solid spruce top, rosewood b/s, 25.5″ scale length, 1 3/4″ nut width, neck thickness .87″ at 1st fret, .88″ at 9th, Grover rotomatic tuners, Fishman Prefix Pro Blend pickup, OHSC.
Sorry, I am unable to post more than 420 characters at a time.
Hello Tom,
My name is William Norris. I have a beautiful 1971 Guild D35 that could use a neck reset, I would also have you fix anything else that needs attention. I'm in Pasadena CA and would ship it to you, however I would prefer to ship in the spring or fall to avoid extreme temps. I know you are a busy guy. Would you have time to do this work in the spring or fall of this year?
Best, William
I WTB a Guild Songbird S4BG (Barry Gibb) and want to post on Buy/Sell/Trade but do not have access. Can you help?
does anyone have a picture of a thunder star amplifier that would have went on top of the thunderstar speaker that says guild standard?