The Vinyl Thread: What are you spinning?

Nov 7, 2021
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Not sure if any of you vinyl folks have been keeping up with this story. It's pretty crazy. I have a decent fistful of Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs titles, but all mainly from the 80's....thankfully.

Turns out, they've been deceiving customers for well over a decade...and likely profiting by means of using a cheaper process. DSD files are basically indiscernible to even the best ears of audiophiles/engineers, but the huge prices of their products while touting a pure analog process is pretty cold. :cautious:

Let's hope their product gets a major price drop. (I'd still buy if so. If not....heck no!! )

Btw, the Steve Hoffman forum mentioned in the article has had an ongoing thread on this since the leak's over 200 pages long! (I don't frequent the place...but check it out once in a blue moon. If you're into audio production, recording, engineering, an audiophile, or just love any part of the tech side of the music business, it doesn't get any more informative.
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