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Nov 7, 2007
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Ladies and gentlemen,

There has been a surge of angry posts and extremely poor taste seen on the forum lately. \

I ask you all to use the 15-second rule before hitting "Post thread" button or even the reply button. If you finish writing a post, give yourselves that time to read it over again and see if there's something contentious or off-putting in your your post. If you're re-posting something you saw in social media that made you mad, grossed you out, or in some other way was objectionable -- don't! And take that 15 seconds to think better of it, please.

The simple fact is that even we moderators don't all agree on what constitutes offensive behavior or bad taste, and we don't like to waste our time babysitting the user community. Ultimately, we have to be the arbiters of taste, but none of us particularly likes doing that. Anyway, enough said? I hope so.

-- Charlie (long-time moderator and lover of LTG community)
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