Guild Dreadnaught Models: 1963~2000 (Hoboken, Westerly, and a little more)...


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Jun 5, 2006
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Frono suggested that I post my list of dread models as a "Blog," so that they would be more accessible to other LTGers, without having to search through the entire LTG archives... so here it is! In future installments, perhaps I'll add my summary of Guild dread bracing, and more about my foray into Guild tone woods...

I started compiling this list shortly after joining LTG in the summer of 2006, when I began my quest to sample dreads in all of the different tone woods used by Guild. At the time, I needed a list of dread models with basic specs such as top, back, and side woods and back construction (braced flat or unbraced arched). My info was gleaned from Hans Moust’s "The Guild Guitar Book The Company and The Instruments, 1952-1977," Beesley’s "Guitar History Volume #5 Guild Guitars," Guild serial number lists, and numerous discussions on LTG regarding dread models... particularly contributions from Hans. I do not consider the list to be a complete and comprehensive list of specifications... just some key information on models of different woods, with dates of some key dates/changes in their specifications.

"The List"
D-4 (1991-199?) Spruce over arched mahogany; mahogany-topped option late in model life. Top binding only.
D-5E (1997) Special run of 50 for Guitar Ctr. Solid spruce top, solid mahogany sides, arched laminated back.
D-6 (1993-?) Spruce over mahogany back. Flat-backed? S is natural satin finish. HG is high gloss.
D-7 (1993-?) Spruce over mahogany flat back. Same as D-6 but HG?
D-15 (1983) Mahogany over arched mahogany. Initially matte finish. Later HG.
D-16 (1983-1986) Mahogany over arched mahogany. HG finished D-15.
D-17 (1984-1988) Mahogany over arched mahogany. Top and back bound with white ivoroid.
D-25 (1968-1973) Mahogany over flat mahogany (flat-back re-intro in Corona?)
D-25 (1973-1974) Mahogany over arched mahogany.
D-25 (1974-?) Spruce over arched mahogany.
D-25C (1983-1984) Spruce over arched mahogany cutaway.
D-26 (1995) Spruce over arched mahogany? shop model for Guitar Ctr. Basically a limited edition D-25 (gold hardware).
D-30 (1987-1995) Spruce over arched maple; scalloped braces. Re-number of G-37.
D-35 (1968-1987) Spruce over mahogany.
D-40 (1963-1993) Spruce over mahogany. Chesterfield. "Richie Havens" w double guard.
D-40C (1975-1991) Spruce over mahogany cutaway.
D-44 (1965-1973) Spruce over pearwood.
D-44M (1971-1977+) Spruce over flat maple.
D-46 (1980-1985) Spruce over ash. Early models with rosewood centerpiece in back.
D-47CE (1983; ?) Spruce top. Arched mahogany back. Oval soundhole. Cutaway acoustelectric
D-48 (1992) Spruce top. Arched mahogany back. Bound rosewood fretboard with block pearl inlay. Hog neck. D48XXX SN. At least 12 made?
D-50 (1963-?) Spruce over rosewood. Scalloped bracing in 1987. Switch from rosewood to ebony bridge ~'74.
D-50C Venetian cutaway version of D-50
D-52 (1983-1984) Spruce over rosewood; scalloped braces.
D-55 "TV model" (special order 1968, production model in 1974) Spruce over rosewood; scalloped braces ~'91. Abalone rosette ~93.
D-60 (mid-80s?) Spruce over flat maple.
D-60 (1987-1990) Spruce over rosewood; Gruhn era? Slotted diamond fret markers
D-60 ("late '90s" incl 99) Spruce over arched maple. Abalone wedge in pearl rectangle markers.
D-62 (1984-1985) Spruce over mahogany; Gruhn
D-64 (1984-1986) Spruce over maple; Gruhn
D-65 (1987) Spruce over arched maple. I found reference to this model in SN list.
D-65R (1987) renaming of D-55 during Gruhn era? I have never seen one for sale.
D-65S (1994) Spruce top, arched maple back, ebony fretbaord with block/delta inlaid markers. limited run of 20 for Guitar Center.
D-66 (1984-1986) Model number changed to D-60 in 1987; spruce over rosewood; Gruhn.
D-70/D-70C (carved) (1981-1985) Spruce over rosewood. Maple binding. Pearl "cloud" fretboard markers. LIMITED EDITION, ~280 made.
D-80/D-80C (carved) (1983-1987) Spruce over rosewood. Abalone purfling. Pearl "cloud" fretboard markers. ~24 made? LIMITED EDITION.
D-100/D-100C (carved) (1989, 1994-1996) Spruce over rosewood. Abalone purfling. Pearl "cloud" fretboard markers. ~148 made? LIMITED EDITION.

DCE-1 (1993-1997) Spruce over arched mahogany cutaway acoustelectric.
DCE-3 (late 90s; '99) Spruce over arched maple cutaway acoustelectric.
DCE-5 (1994-1997) Spruce over rosewood cutaway acoustelectric.
DC130 (1994-1995) Maple over maple acoustelectric. Arched back?

DK-70 Peacock (1995-1996) koa over koa.

DS-48 (1983-1984) Solid or thin body dread?

DV-4 Spruce over mahogany.
DV-6 (1996-) spruce over mahogany; Westerly.
DV-6 Spruce over rosewood; Tacoma, Mexico.
DV-25 Spruce over flat mahogany.
DV-52 (1992-;) Spruce over rosewood. Some early examples mis-labeled as D-52. Distinguished by tapered "snakehead" headstock. Later model had abalone rosette.
DV-62 (1993-;) Spruce over rosewood. Herringbone purfling.
DV-72 "Pueblo?" (1993-1994) Spruce over rosewood. Herringbone with Turquoise, Malachite (MK), or pink/red coral inlay (CL). ~250 made. (197+?). LIMITED EDITION.
DV-73 "Sante Fe?" (1994-95) Spruce over rosewood. Herringbone with turquoise, red coral, black onyx, and nickel-silver inlay. ~50 made?). LIMITED EDITION.
DV-74 "Pueblo?" Similar inlays as DV-73 but pink coral (~22 made?)? LIMITED EDITION.
DV-76 (1994) Spruce over rosewood. Pink coral inlay and purfling (~19 made?)? LIMITED EDITION.
DV-82 (1994). One-of prototype.

G-37 (1972-1986) Spruce over arched maple; "morphed" into D-30 in 1987. Mahogany neck/silk-screen Guild headstock. Maple neck/Chesterfield after 1976.
G-41 (1974-1976) Spruce over mahogany. Large body (17" lower bout)/long scale.
G-45/Hank WIlliams Jr (1982-1986) Re-issued in 1994; spruce over arched maple; based on G-37/D-30 but with bound neck/HS and delta-block inlay.
G-75 (1975-1976) Spruce over rosewood small body/standard scale.

Deco (1997) Spruce over rosewood.
Finesse (1997) Spruce over rosewood.

After sampling mahogany (1972 and 1978 D-35s, and a 1974 D-25M arched back), maple (a 1974 G-37), pearwood (a 1971 D-44), ash (a 1981 D-46), and rosewood (a 1976 D-50, a 1994 DV-72MK, and a 1995 DV-73), I got "distracted" by the beauty, both visual and tonal, of the DV-7X models 3 years ago... so my quest remains unfulfilled.