Finish on a '93 Guild DV-52 HG


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Aug 21, 2009
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Sillycon Valley CA
Not a joke. Well the part about another reason to shut the doors was— but we certainly used regular, green bottled Turtle Wax diluted with water and applied to the polishing wheels. This was not exclusive to Guild at the time.
Another thought that occurred is that polishing a brand new finish and prepping a damaged one with something like Virtuoso cleaner before polishing are 2 different things, like using rubbing compound on a car finish before sealing with wax.
Not necessary on new guitar but was absolutely an element of the OP, and evenkeel was right about the potential danger of silicones.
The Turtle wax labels I saw on image search did list petroleum distillates but not silicons, but still, probably not a big worry on a new finish even if present.

Thank you for the correction and my apologies to Al.
No worries, it seemed like a straightforward non-snarky query to me.
I've come to realize Paul normally takes pains to set the record straight about how stuff was done and usually doesn't waste time with jokes (like the axe coming down on Westerly) so I was pretty sure he wouldn't have joked about actually using Turtle Wax.
And hey if it was, he woulda just told me, and have gotten one over on me!