Arch backs, Flat tops, and headstock shapes

Jun 18, 2022
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First thank the fguys for creating this rich forum for allus 6 string fanatics! Second hang the guy who thinks he knows everything...(just kidding, only beat him!)

On with the show. I bought an old KAY from the goodwill store. It had some fairly decent finish scratches on it, the neck was off about .065 which made the action about a 1/4" at the 12th fret. The head stock was waxy and the tuners had some heavy dust buildup from sitting on the shelf too long. There was a few pieces of mouse sckat in the body and the bridge bolts were tarnished over... I couldn't tell they were copper until after I used a dremel on them.

I have never done a complete rejob before, so this is my first. I don't have a steamer to pull the neck yet, but most of the finish is gone... should finish that tomorrow.

I need some advice. This old Kay has a truss neck and a shaped bridge.
The shape of the bridge is that it hinders its removal using a standard iron. I would hate to ruin the guitar using too much heat. I plan to build my own st**-m** style neck puller. Not that I don't want to work for Stew. it was he that gave Led Zep my works.... anyway, abot those finishes....

I have some waterbased clear polyuerathane that I want to use a base for the complete full mahagony sunburst. I am planning dark red sides, neck and headstock, and light red burst. The neck has big dots on the thick rosewood with brass frets. Thin single layer white celluloid rosette, and edging! really neat looking... oh

So the neck of the strap pin broke off in the body. (novice screams loudly..."supergluetime!!!@#$%^!!") But I would like to get it out of there and put a new bone pin in...
anyone know where I can get a bone strap pin? a steam kit? and a HEADSTOCK EMBLEM for the 39$ country style KAY Airline they sold at the beginning of the 60's, and the procedure for removing an elmers glued on bridge from an antique guitar instrument?


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Jun 18, 2009
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Cambridge, MA
Most Kay bridges I’ve come across are not glued on, but rather are held in place by those bolts in the bridge you refer to in your post.

Pics would definitely help.