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  1. mellowgerman

    Sold FREE: 2 Vol/Tone brad nail indicators 1970

    Recently I installed a filter preamp in my 1970 Starfire bass. Like with a lot of Alembic-modified Starfires, I made front-mounted control plate for the filters, which necessitated cutting a hole where the original volume and tone controls were. Correspondingly, the little position-indicator...
  2. mellowgerman

    FS 1966 Ampeg Portaflex SB12 amp head

    Up for sale is my 1966 Ampeg SB12 head. Perfect for the famous Ampeg bass tone on countless 60's records, but also works great as a nice'n'warm jazzy guitar amp. This one has been fitted with a single 1/4" output jack intended for use with any 8ohm cab. It's also had a grounded 3-prong plug...
  3. mellowgerman

    Starfire tinkering continued

    My 1970 Starfire is my forever #1 player. I've never enjoyed an instrument more. It has gone through several stages of evolution, but has not been on the work bench for quite some time now. When I managed to get My hands on a NOS ACG EQ-01, I knew it was time for the Starfire to undergo a new...
  4. mellowgerman

    Phil's first Starfire

    Today I spotted something interesting on the Grateful Dead History page on facebook. They shared photos from 8/4/68, Orange County Fairgrounds, Costa Mesa, CA (Newport Pop Festival '68). Phil is playing his (presumably) first Starfire bass, that I had seen before in photos but always assumed it...
  5. mellowgerman

    Sold 34"scale Starfire bass! (kinda) Ibanez w/ DarkStar pickups

    If you love the sounds Jack Casady and Phil Lesh got from their Starfires in those 60's/70's recordings but don't like short scale basses, this one was assembled just for you! On the block is this Ibanez Artcore bass from the early 2000's, 34" long-scale, upgraded with two Hammon Dark Star...
  6. mellowgerman

    inspiring performance of "unchained melody"

    No Guild, but this is fantastic. "Unchained Melody" covered by Tony Drake. Cheers to this talented guy!
  7. mellowgerman

    SOLD: 1967 Starfire bass - maple & sunburst

    For sale only now. No longer for trade. After spending a few months with this sunburst beauty, I've decided she's ready to move on down the line. A fantastic bass to be sure, but sound-wise it has too much in common with my 1970 to justify bogarting it long-term. This is the relatively rare...
  8. mellowgerman

    the definitive tone-suck slaying thread

    Backstory: After picking up my new-to-me 1967 Sunburst SFB-I from it's fret-leveling session, I decided to waste no time and take on the dread tone-suck circuit. I figured I'd make some recordings to finally, once-and-for-all demonstrate exactly what we all already know is going on there. To...
  9. mellowgerman

    new addition to the family

    Surprise! Wasn't exactly expecting this one, but was able to work out a very good deal on this beautiful 1967 SFB-I, maple body with a stunning burst (first photo is more accurate in color as it was taken in natural light). Well worth saying goodbye to a few pieces of gear that had just been...
  10. mellowgerman

    saying goodbye to a great local songwriter fingerpicker

    This past week I found out that my buddy, a great local fingerpickin' songwriter Nash Rambler had passed away after a relatively short bout with some aggressive cancer. I first met him about 5 years ago when I started working at a busy 300-seat German restaurant, where he would play weekend...
  11. mellowgerman

    new Wilco video (starfire bass!)

    Their new video, for their new song. The return of John's Starfire bass!
  12. mellowgerman

    WTB JS bass cravings

    Hello friends, recently I've been experiencing a bit of renewed interest in the old JS line of Guild basses. I think the main thing that brings me back to them is that I just love the old short-scale Guild necks. I have a diverse little collection of nice basses, but every time I pick up my...
  13. mellowgerman

    the mole has checked out

    Larry "the mole" Taylor of Canned Heat fame has passed. Maybe not a Guild player (as far as I know) but he sure was a fantastic bassman. article: and here's my favorite trip down the mole hole... from...
  14. mellowgerman

    my latest labor of bass love

    An Epiphone Rivoli II! Not a Guild and not quite vintage, but very nice bass none the less, made by the wonderful folks at the Peerless factory in Korea back in 1999. I figured Rivolis are in the Starfire arena and they have come up a few times in the past here in the bass section, so I figured...
  15. mellowgerman

    50th Anniversary AOXOMOXOA release

    From the vaults of the Dead. Has anybody else checked this out? For the 50th anniversary of the album, they have released both mixes (1969 and 1971) as well as some bonus live stuff. I've been enjoying it quite a bit...
  16. mellowgerman

    Alvarez baritone jumbo acoustic with Dearmond Toneboss pickup

    SOLD: Alvarez baritone jumbo acoustic with Dearmond Toneboss pickup Alvarez ABT-60E jumbo baritone acoustic in great shape. Plays easy and has a huge sound. Tuned to B standard -- B to B, low and deep, but with same intervals as a regular guitar, so all familiar chord shapes still work. Solid...
  17. mellowgerman

    FS: Jack Casady signature bass w/ hardshell case

    Up for sale is my Epiphone Jack Casady signature bass. Left the factory in July 2011. Excellent condition and no issues. Sounds fantastic and is practically in mint condition - only wear is a tiny bit on the height-adjustment bolts of the bridge. I did choose to swap the position of the volume...
  18. mellowgerman

    acoustic or electric bass? Hot Tuna edition

    I was going back through my old youtube channel that I've been locked out of now for a few years and came across this awesome version of Death Don't Have No Mercy. This has always been my favorite recording of this song. When I first found it online somewhere (probably around 2005), I'm pretty...
  19. mellowgerman

    FS: Guild B-240e acoustic bass w/ gigbag $320

    Up for sale is my Guild B-240e acoustic bass. Not to be confused with the little Junior Jumbo bass, this is the 30.5" scale, full Jumbo body model. Bought this new a few months ago and it comes with a very nice padded Guild gig bag, as well as all the original documents, tools, etc. Excellent...
  20. mellowgerman

    RIP Peter Tork

    Another Guild-slinger has left us. RIP Mr. Tork. and here is the photo I erroneously posted earlier (this is not Peter Tork, but just his bass):