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    While My Guitar Gently Weeps, Petty, Prince, Tribute to George 2004

    That (the one with Prince) is one of my favorite music videos. But where did the guitar go?
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    Is there an audio interface that..... ?

    I wouldn't worry too much about finding a USB3 interface. Thunderbolt is mostly for the Apple folks. I record up to 16 tracks at once in SONAR (was called Cakewalk in the past) through USB2. I've had good results with the Focusrite products, but most of the big-name brands are going to be...
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    Things That Don't Work Right

    I do see a delete thingy below the reply after posting it. And so, to follow Frono, the logic is that if you wish to delete prior to posting you delete the draft. If after posting you delete the post. Makes sense, just different from the old way. I can be flexible!
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    Things That Don't Work Right

    Do you mean this?
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    Things That Don't Work Right

    When I start to post a response and then decide to just shut up and cancel it, I don't see a place to click to cancel. I see "Post Reply" and "Preview" only. I can delete the text, but it shows back up in the text box next time I visit the same topic again. Maybe I'm missing something?
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    NGD: Crossroads CR01

    I'll be waiting for the review. I'd love to try one of those.
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    John Prine dies at 73

    That is a real shame.
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    Recording thoughts during virus isolation

    😄 Me, too.
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    COVID-19 Information

    Personally, I prefer to see vital information directly, instead of having it filtered, spun, and dramatized by journalists and TV news producers. I've found this site to be a prime source of information pertaining to the COVID-19 pandemic. I'm a data guy and a GIS guy, so this checks my boxes...
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    Recording thoughts during virus isolation

    A month ago I did some recording here. (a dumb/catchy pop song called "In a Daydream") First I've done other than recording live jams in a couple years. Then I had a buddy over to add some harmonica and backing vocals. This gave me a chance to knock some of the rust off of my recording...
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    Great stuff!
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    Social distancing songs

    I'll play (If I can operate the new interface)...
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    I'm with you, man. The Doyle Dykes guitars from New Hartford are some of the best guitars out there. Guild or otherwise. And, I have some good news for you. Doyle is back with Guild, again. (argh! Frono beat me to it. Should've gone to the next page)
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    Dang it, Grot! I thought I was all good with my little group. Now I see that FS-46-12CE and it's going to buzz around in my head until I can somehow find one. I'm sure they're all rare, especially the one I want. If I hadn't taken a chance on a Peregrine I'd have never appreciated the...
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    Whaddya think of this?

    Nothing about that looks like a good idea to me.
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    Help me pay my father a fair price for this one?

    The new LTG format doesn't show us (or at least not me) where you are located, but since you refer to the Euro in a follow-up post I assume you are in the EU. That being the case, $750 is probably a bit low. I'd offer him what you know he paid for it and perhaps he'll also do the right thing...
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    Volume Pedal Question

    Last weekend I snagged a cool little piece of gear from the local craigslist. A Rupert Neve Designs DI box. It may not look like much, but holy crap does it ever make my guitars sound nice. And warm. So now I'm looking to change my rig. The one that I use to connect to the PA. The new box...