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  1. Quantum Strummer

    Tom Bukovac's Starfire Love

    Bucovak's Homeskoolin' vlog is IMO one of the best things on YouTube right now. Ep. 19, which came out yesterday, includes an appearance by his SF-III. Besides playing it a bit he also gives it, particularly the anti-hum pickups, more praise than I've ever heard him give any guitar. Also...
  2. Quantum Strummer

    NAD — Vox AC50 (Mk III)

    This thing is a freakin' leadweight! And I thought Hiwatts were heavy. Wrestling the chassis out of the cabinet and checking out (& maybe replacing) the tubes will be a day project down the line. For now here's some pics: -Dave-
  3. Quantum Strummer

    I Fear My Summer Musical Instrument Budget Will Be Spent On…

    I Fear My Summer Musical Instrument Budget Will Be Spent On… …this insidious sound-generating powerhouse: You may not be hearing much from me for awhile after it comes out. :) -Dave-
  4. Quantum Strummer

    Reverb Interview with Dan Smith (Fender)

    The writer Tony Bacon has been recently providing Reverb with some previously unpublished (in full, at least) interviews. The latest is one with the late Dan Smith from 1992 concerning the end of CBS-era Fender and the early days of the current company. IMO it's good stuff...
  5. Quantum Strummer

    1958/63 Gibson Explorer Examined at Elderly

    This is one for the geeks amongst us. Me, for example! Elderly recently took in a very clean '58 Explorer for appraisal and video'd part of the process. The guitar has a middle pickup installed (via a crude-ish rout) and all three pickups are Patent #s (one is missing its sticker). The pots date...
  6. Quantum Strummer

    Sgt. Pepper 50th Anniversary Remix & Rerelease

    I was hoping this would happen, and here it is! A full album remix from the 1st generation four-track tapes. And more: CD 1 (Sgt. Pepper 2017 Stereo Mix) 1. "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" 2. "With A Little Help From My Friends" 3. "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds" 4. "Getting Better" 5...
  7. Quantum Strummer

    NGD: 1982 Ibanez MC-150 Musician

    I'm posting this mainly to highlight apparent inspiration re. some of Ibanez's late '70s & early '80s guitar models. This one is from the short-lived Musician series. Its body shape reminds me of early Rickenbacker solidbodys like the Combo 850. But the headstock and pickups remind me of another...
  8. Quantum Strummer

    Guitar Cable/Jack Weirdness

    Here's a pic of the plugs from two cables I have. On the left is a Switchcraft plug from a c. 1993 ProCo cable. The plug on the right is from a c. 2008 Monster cable. The Monster plug may look longer than the Switchcraft but that's a perspective trick…they're actually the same length. What isn't...
  9. Quantum Strummer

    Heritage H-157 "Les Paul Custom"

    The current HB-1 thread here reminded me I'd never posted anything about this guitar. So, okay, Heritage likely didn't bill it as a repro of the mid-'50s LP Custom…but that's effectively what it is. Minus the ultra-low jazz-centric frets, that is. (This one has typical modern LP frets.) I bought...
  10. Quantum Strummer

    Guild sighting: Anna Ternheim

    Anna Ternheim is one of my favorite singer/songwriters of the past decade. Her 2012 album The Night Visitor is IMO a near masterpiece and all the others are at least really good. She mainly plays Gibson acoustics but on some songs will go for an electric, often a Telecaster but here (from March...
  11. Quantum Strummer

    EHX Pitch Fork

    Last evening I was watching the latest edition of That Pedal Show on YouTube. It was dedicated to octave effects, mostly of the modern digital variety. One of the pedals demo'd and discussed was a T-Rex Quint, which in addition to the expected features also lets you blend in a fifth tone above...
  12. Quantum Strummer

    Guild Sighting: St. Vincent

    I'd read somewhere that Annie Clark owned a hollowbody Bluesbird, but I'd never seen it 'til now. It's been modded somewhat: stud-mounted TOM-style bridge; pickguard removed; extra toggle switch added (knowing Annie's playing style, likely a kill switch). The song is Birth In Reverse. As with...
  13. Quantum Strummer

    NGD: A foray into Acoustic-ville

    I'd never bought a "project" guitar before this one, but it gave me no choice but to pull the trigger. I hadn't been on the lookout for a Martin in particular either, just a small mahogany or koa guitar with a sweet & punchy sound. I like small acoustics…dreads and jumbos don't do much for me...
  14. Quantum Strummer

    Hi-Tone amps profile in Premier Guitar mag

    Nice profile of and interview with Clayton Callaway of Hi-Tone amps in the latest issue of Premier Guitar. Had a chance to talk Hiwatt with him when I ordered my "50" ~18 months ago. A friendly, knowledgeable guy who builds fantastic amps with meticulous attention to detail and authenticity as a...
  15. Quantum Strummer

    NGD: NS S-200 Thunderbird

    Thanks, Admins, for fixing my thread name typo. My black T-bird arrived this morning. It's light. Weighs about the same as my '71 S-100 and less than the '73. Well balanced too. Gave it a quick by-ear tuneup after unboxing and plugged it straight into my old Vox Pacemaker. Sounds very nice...
  16. Quantum Strummer

    Former Gibson building in Kalamazoo to be Renovated

    This is via the Fretboard Journal. Heritage, which occupies part of the old Gibson building, will benefit from the renovation too. -Dave-
  17. Quantum Strummer

    New/old Bridge for a Nightbird

    A couple evenings ago I changed strings on my Nightbird, moving from DR Pure Blues to my new favs: GHS Burnished Nickel Rockers. 11 gauge with a wound 18 G. But before I pulled the old strings I used 'em to make starter slots for a "new" bridge. I've had this gold ABR-1 for ages…don't even...
  18. Quantum Strummer

    Gibson SG-250 on Reverb

    Note that I have no connection to this particular guitar. But I do own an SG-250. It's a fantastic playing & sounding instrument! Gibson made 527 of 'em total, all in 1972 (the Reverb listing is wrong on the date), and shipped all but three that same year. The 250's siblings, the SG-100 & 200...