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  1. Cougar

    That Blue JF30-12 I sold...

    I'm going to be able to see my blue JF30-12 again..... in a movie! Filmmaker Joe Bartone, the guy I sold it to, just emailed me to let me know that he just shot a short film featuring that blue jumbo -- Brides of Jesus. The synopsis starts out "Novice nun CC and punk rocker Tigra front the...
  2. Cougar

    Booboo on the deck

    Booboo Bear, that is. :D
  3. Cougar

    Reverb exonerated

    I don't know if all of you caught my (somewhat off-topic) comment in The thread High-end Hang Tag where I complained about a reverb sale, saying: "The never-ending story of the sale of my Martin GPC12PA4 is ongoing. The buyer was originally happy with the deal and gave me 5 stars. Then a...
  4. Cougar

    Who's online list

    What happened to the list of "Who's Online" that used to show on the right side of the forum home page? It used to be there, and now it's not. Was this a conscious decision, or is it just my browser or something?
  5. Cougar

    What's Taj playing here....

    A buddy asked me about the guitar Taj Mahal is playing in this photo. It looks like solid copper! Must be heavy! I certainly didn't know what it is, but figured maybe someone here might know?
  6. Cougar

    Oldies But Goodies

    I always liked this one. A full 57 seconds!
  7. Cougar

    At the market....

    I told Mrs. Cougar "I'm going in." We needed a few things and I somehow ended up spending over 100 bucks at the market this morning. The shelves were well stocked. I wore my blue gloves and covered my mouth and nose with a scarf. This person had a little more elaborate "face covering"....
  8. Cougar

    NYC 7:00 Cheer.

    Prepare to be moved. :cry:
  9. Cougar

    ** SOLD ** Martin 12-string

    ** SOLD ** I've put up my 2015 Martin GPC12PA4 12-string for sale. It's up on reverb and priced to sell! Here's the reverb description: Price is lowest on reverb for this model: $980 plus $60 shipping (to continental U.S. only).
  10. Cougar

    Some favorite vids

    I just like this one. I first saw it when it came in and I had the opportunity to do some post-production work on it where I used to work, so I have a bit of an attachment to it....
  11. Cougar


    Wow, we just had a pretty big one! Felt plenty of them when I was living in SoCal (and also in Tokyo), but never in Utah! It was pretty sharp, so the epicenter was fairly close. It went on for about 10 seconds... Just heard it was 5.7. My guess was 6.3 and Mrs. Cougar guessed 5.9. No...
  12. Cougar

    F-512 update

    It took more months than expected to repair the cosmetic gouges on the top edges - the luthier was moving everything into a larger space - so he didn't even charge me for the repair! The gouges are still slightly visible - the luthier didn't get them to disappear altogether - but they are...
  13. Cougar

    Action too low

    As some may remember, my somewhat failed attempt at comparing Corona and Westerly JF30-12s just showed that the action on the Corona model was a bit too low, and the low E string, dropped to D, banged on the frets when picked hard. I've just been playing it without hitting it so hard, but it...
  14. Cougar


    I'm surprised nobody here has mentioned the bass player Davie504 before. He's got a whole series of videos on youtube, is very funny, and I don't know who can slap or tap bass any better than Davie (except maybe this once on the vid below).
  15. Cougar

    Took in the F512

    I contacted Guild to ask what local shop could fix the gouge to the top of the F512 I recently bought (at a greatly discounted price). The Guild rep said Guitar Czar was the only local place they recommended. So I finally took her down there yesterday. I'm pretty confident with the luthiers at...
  16. Cougar

    Looking for "travel" 6-string A/E

    I'm not thrilled taking my mint condition F50R on a 700 mile trip up to the Kaniksu forest of Idaho (and that's my only 6-string! How did that happen?). So I'm looking for a good but inexpensive 6-string to haul up there. Preferably with electronics. And a case, of course. (I'll be taking...
  17. Cougar

    Cougar's F-512 -- some quick pics

    Just a few quick shots before I run her out to the luthier. As usual, I did reduce the file size of these (all are less than 100 Kb). Not sure why they show up so large.... and cropped! (Edit: OK, that was only in preview. The final post is OK.) What scrape? :tiger:
  18. Cougar

    NGD - Oxnard F-512

    "For parts or not working" -- Ha! I finally got this "dented" Oxnard-built F-512. It's got that one scrape, which I'll have touched up, a couple other little dings hardly worth mentioning, otherwise it is SPECTACULAR! Tuned her up and OMG, it plays and sounds amazing! Took a risk, and man...
  19. Cougar

    Anybody get this F412?

    I was watching this 2005 F-412 on ebay and was truly tempted to put in a bid but in the end figured it was too much like my 2002 JF30-12 so let the bidding take its course. Somebody got a great deal at $1125 for a great condition F412! The seller had put up videos showing all the crucial...
  20. Cougar


    OK, this one goes way back. Some real craziness. IIRC, that's mostly a Prophet V synth....