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    Help identifying maker of guitar

    A gentleman is selling a guitar near my hometown (2 hours away) that he is unsure the maker of. But, he says it plays just as well as, and is built to spec of a martin D-28. He doesn't know the maker but is sure that it is solid wood - it has a finish crack that goes from very light at bridge...
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    New Gear Purchased - I might be arrested

    I had been going back and forth with a very nice guy down in austin about his guild guitar - I'd send him a message, it would take him 2, 3, 5 days to respond... ill save yall the drawn out emotional rollercoaster... I bought his guitar tonight - 2012 Guild D-50CE STD - $790 shipped. I look...
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    WTB Guild D-50 Bluegrass - BOUGHT!

    Hey All, After much back and forth and tons of really good advice from members here and other forums - I have decided I want a D-50 Bluegrass I like the adirondack on rosewood. Sunburst prefered but not required - if you have one or know somebody that has one - I have cash on hand - so if we...
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    New Vs Old Guild D-50's

    I almost snagged a '79 D-50 but the guy backed out. I found a 2014 GUILD Acoustic D-50CE STD for around $800. In the mind's of those who have maybe played old and new - are the newer D-50's worth pursuing ?
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    On the fence - 1979 Guild D-50 or Eastman E20D-TC

    Hey Guys, I come to you because I know you're the experts. I have the option to pick up an 1979 Guild D-50 Sunburst (Pictures below), with case, for somewhere between $1000 and $1200 - Says to be in perfect condition - The case handle is falling off but other than that, the guitar seems to be...
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    Ensenada Mexico DV6 VS Guild USA D-40

    I just got done reading a thread on here about how the DV6 can\may be superior to the D-40. There is an Ensenada, Mexico DV6 up for $500 right now. If that is the case... that the DV6 is better than the d-40... i'd be crazy to not jump on it instead of the $1200 d-40? I just recently got an...
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    Factory Recommended Strings?

    Hey Guys, I recently purchased a D-150CE - Used - I put Gibson Masterbuilt Phosphor Bronze mediums on it - I was expecting the mediums to make the thing boom because of the larger strings - However, I was wholly unimpressed and the guitar in general did not play like I was really hoping it...
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    General opinions on Madeira P600m and Guild F-50 comparisons

    Hello! I have the opportunity to buy a mint Madeira P600m with case and dean Markley pickup for $300 listed, less after negotiating. I've been trying to find info and I've came up with it being a 70's pre-guild brand. Solid spruce and laminated flamed maple back and sides. I've also read its...