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    Ghost Chickens in the Sky

    Here Sorry, No Guild content.
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    Did I miss this? Michael Smith

    I never heard him live, but have enjoyed many of his songs through the years. Michael P. Smith Another R.I.P.
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    Without Getting Killed or Caught

    This looks promising:
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    Has this been posted before? I love it!
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    I dunno, but this just works for me. M.K. and the roadrunner:
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    How to read sheet music

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    Daylight Savings Time

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    Kathy Mattea

    OK, I lately got the genealogy bug. While most of my ancestors can be traced back to fairly recent European origins I did discover some interesting sidetracks - the daughter of my "maternal grandfather of wife of 2nd cousin 1x removed" lived and died in Harlan county, Kentucky. Coal...
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    Springsteen & Etheridge

    I know there are a fair number of members here who are not Bruce Springsteen fans, but I do like some of his stuff. I also have a fondness for Melissa Etheridge. I came across this one the other day and loved it. Hopefully some of you will too. <span style="mso-spacerun:yes">
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    Christmas shopping

    A couple were in a busy shopping center just before Christmas. The wife suddenly noticed that her husband was missing and as they had a lot to do she called him on the mobile. The wife said " Where are you? You know we have lots to do". He said " You remember the jewelers we went...
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    Veterans Day

    Just found this, had to post:
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    Ht & gs

    Stumbled across this one the other day. Some Guild goodness with Hot Tuna and Grace Slick. What else could one ask for? 1988? Really? Seems like last week, sigh. .
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    Mark Knopfler

    A short time ago in a "Favorite Guitar Solo" thread I submitted "Mark Knopfler - "Sultans of Swing". Just found this one. I rest my case His fingers never leave his hand!
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    Leonard Cohen in Yiddish?

    This a little off the wall but I stumbled across it and was amazed by the sheer imagery of the translation. I found it fascinating:
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    Shy girl

    I don't recall exactly how I found this clip, but thought it worth passing on. If this is for real it's pretty special. At least I enjoyed.
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    The Wrigley Mansion is for sale

    They're asking $7,150,000, but it's been unoccupied for a while so there's probably a little wiggle room there. Looks like plenty of room for guitar storage and friendly little get-togethers, a few music recording rooms and all the basic needs of most LTG members. Yes, there is a wine...
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    Gotta love this:
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    Haven't done Doyle Dykes for a while

    How about this one?
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    What do you do with...

    ...a guitar that's too good to throw away but not good enough to save? I bought the Seagull M12 in 2010(?) as an experiment; I love the 12-string sound but wasn't sure I wanted to make a serious investment in a "good" (Guild) guitar. For several years it has been a great "occasional"...