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  1. jcwu

    Is It Weird To Be Sad?

    This is going to sound weird, but I had been watching a Recording King RO-M9M on Reverb. It was used, it was listed for $250, and had been discounted to $225, and I wanted to buy it but can't justify 1) buying yet another guitar (although it's a mahogany b/s and I don't have one of those) and 2)...
  2. jcwu


    First off - I consider myself a guitar purist. Minus my first electric guitar that my dad bought me from Target that had a built-in amplifier/speaker... I've always believed in no-gimmicks sounds of the guitars. When I saw this video about a Yamaha acoustic with built-in effects, I thought...
  3. jcwu

    Nothing Happy About Valentine's Day

    Here we are, as seems to be tradition now, each year on February 14th I drop in here and wish you all a happy valentine's day with this: A sillly little song I wrote and recorded back in 1999 or 2000, when love was not my friend. May...
  4. jcwu

    Anyone with Blueshield CA for health insurance?

    I thought I'd post here, since I'm browsing LTG while being on hold with my insurance carrier: Apparently, Blueshield CA recently changed providers who handle the billing and payment, and due to a goof-up in the transfer of information, my account is now shown as overdue with the last payment...
  5. jcwu

    Worth the long setup (I thought). From one of the Hitchhiker's Guide books..

    "This actually did happen to a real person, and the real person is me. I had gone to catch a train, This was April 1976, in Cambridge, U.K. I was about twenty minutes early. I'd got the time of the train wrong. I suppose it is at least equally possible," he added after a moment's reflection...
  6. jcwu

    Guild 236-stringer on Craigslist

    It's Guild, and it's got a whole lotta strings!! Built like a tank, too:
  7. jcwu

    An electric buddy for killdeer's F112-6?

    A Guild SF XII, modified to a 6-stringer: Nowhere near the professional work that Joe did on his conversion.
  8. jcwu

    Attempting to repair a lifting bridge

    I guess Guilds are prone to bridge lifts because of how they do the finishing. I gave it a shot at fixing it myself, figured save a few bucks and learn a new skill. What do you think? How'd I do? Not too shabby for a first try, I think.
  9. jcwu

    United Breaks Guitars....

    ....and makes a disabled man crawl off a plane.
  10. jcwu

    My Experience With Sweetwater

    I recently made a purchase from Sweetwater, through their online eBay store. It was a huge purchase. Big splurge. I bought a guitar strap. For $5. With free shipping. The strap arrived quickly - along with the fabled bag of candy. Today, one of their customer reps called to follow up on the...
  11. jcwu

    Pot and Capacitor for HB1 and Franz pickups?

    Hi all, Quick question - what value pots and caps would work well for tone and volume for HB1s and Franz pickups? Would the usual recommendations for humbucker work for HB1s, and single coil values for the Franz? The reason I ask this is because I'm using a harness from a '70s Guild (forget...
  12. jcwu

    Left hand cramping - what's the issue?

    I have a '77 CE100D that was refretted at some point, so the frets are nice and high, and it's strung with TI Bebop 12's. This guitar plays just fine for me. Now, I also have a '58 T100. Frets are pretty low/flat/worn, but still playable, and it's strung with D'Addario something-or-other 11's...
  13. jcwu

    Happy Valentine's Day!

    From days gone by, when I used to play and record more. Acoustic track is a Guild DV52 (which I still own):
  14. jcwu

    Guild Obsession?

    Driving on the road yesterday, saw a car with this license plate out of the corner of my eye: 6UIL055* And with my worsening eyesight, my heart jumped a beat, because I thought it said: GUILD55 This is bad, isn't it? Is it borderline pathetic? * Last two digits changed because I don't know...
  15. jcwu

    Great Wall of Oxnard

    Looks like remodeling at the new factory is finally moving along!
  16. jcwu

    The Biggest Dreadnought Ever!!
  17. jcwu

    Gelb Music in Redwood City, CA

    I stopped by Gelb Music this afternoon, actually to their consignment shop to pick up a PA system.... and thought I'd take a look in their retail space. And lo and behold, I saw the largest collection of Guild acoustics ever in one place. There were maybe 7 or 8 or 9 - I lost count, I was so in...
  18. jcwu

    Only a few hours left!!

    Some of you may remember a recent thread I posted about 10,000 Journeys, a benefit art gallery my kids had set up to help raise funds for a new library in Gondar, Ethiopia. Well, the auction is coming to a close tonight at 8PM PST, so there are still a few hours left to show your support! You...
  19. jcwu

    10,000 Journeys: Benefit Art Gallery in San Jose, CA

    Howdy, folks! I wanted to bring your attention to 10,000 Journeys, a benefit art gallery being hosted in San Jose, CA, next Saturday evening: My kids started in the hopes of looking for opportunities for kids to give back to the world around them...
  20. jcwu

    Introducing Guild's new home:

    "Introducing Guild's new home in Oxnard, California. We'd love to hear about your favorite Guild moments and see your Guild collection - leave us a comment and/or photo below!" Facebook page: