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  1. davismanLV

    The Guilds of Grot

    I'm not even starting with the album at this point because once I start, next thing I know it will be day after tomorrow and i won't have slept and I'll have a beard. So I'll look later, but I sure as hell am gonna look. It's impressive!! Imagine luring someone in with "all my guitars need...
  2. davismanLV


    I like these!! What are they, exactly? Just like artwork or something that you hang??
  3. davismanLV

    COVID-19 Information

    I would guess a tested positive case has been treated (hospitalization) and symptoms have left the patient, and they are stable for discharge would be considered "recovered". But that's just me guessing......
  4. davismanLV


    Does it turn or revolve, tho? That would be handy......
  5. davismanLV

    Projects during the Dark Times (COVID-19) Non-Guild content.....

    Bruce, I've done it both ways. The previous winding was done to the inside and that 4th wound string was so dangerously close to the wood that it bothered me. Doesn't seem to have rubbed any finish or wood or anything. Then the last Taylor string winding video I watched they actually did a...
  6. davismanLV

    Palm Sunday......

  7. davismanLV

    Projects during the Dark Times (COVID-19) Non-Guild content.....

    J, it was my third guitar. I moved to Vegas with the Guild D65S and the Washburn, which is beautiful but not satisfying acoustically. Plugged in it's great but I didn't even have an amp back then. So then I was here on the forum and I wanted another guild but mostly I wanted small...
  8. davismanLV

    Projects during the Dark Times (COVID-19) Non-Guild content.....

    Yeah, J and level 8 trim with bound fretboard and a slotted headstock that's got rosewood veneer. Short scale. Ebony fretboard and bridge. The wood on this is incredible. And I'm not sure if it's because it was built for it (kinda doubtful) or it's just that I've PUSHED it these last 9 years...
  9. davismanLV

    Projects during the Dark Times (COVID-19) Non-Guild content.....

    As my boredom sets in super high gear...... I keep busy with projects. Trying to clean up the guitars and get 'em well groomed. Well tonight was Taylor night. I play this guitar a lot. It's small, Grand Concert, and it's just comfortable and easy to play and sounds great. When you're on a...
  10. davismanLV

    The Lady. The Legend. Mary Chapin Carpenter.....

    Hey a couple of people (besides ME) requested this song in her Songs From Home series on youtube, and she did it. I posted it above but I like seeing her at home with the dog and cat just singing with her Greven guitar.......
  11. davismanLV

    Questions About the new Software

    GG I do enjoy your website and the details on the different guitars. Amps are not a big draw for me but I do spend some time looking up the Martins and Guilds and all of the others!! Thanks for the link.
  12. davismanLV

    Questions About the new Software

    I felt like time just slowed down for a while there when I was scrolling and when I hit the bottom, my beard was full and gray. That's just AMAZING!!! Now I gotta go shave this Gandalf beard off........ whew!!
  13. davismanLV

    G7 Heritage Capo initial review

    Oh I've got two of the "one of these" capos as well. One's a spring one just like above, and the other one just has a screw to tighten it. Don't know who made them. They've been around since time began. And a few with little straps that look ridiculous. Lemme take a pic...... And a...
  14. davismanLV

    G7 Heritage Capo initial review

    I have a Kyser and four Shubbs. Shubb is just the best and simplest tool I have in the box. Wouldn't want something more complicated.
  15. davismanLV

    Interesting detail on my Orph

    Tom does!! I can take a slap or two..... or a rib or even a half rack!!
  16. davismanLV

    Old D-40 Bridge pin hole slots - off center

    Well, that's a shame. I did measure across the screen and the spacing on the 1st and 2nd is definitely off. For string spacing that's a significant amount. I have no idea how this happened, but once the string had a groove to follow, it did and so here you are. If you cut the bridge and...
  17. davismanLV

    Interesting detail on my Orph

    Yeah, for some reason I thought I'd remembered someone here with a 12/12 and forgot about chazmo's one. Two slaps in a day...... wow. I feel better now.
  18. davismanLV

    Medical Care in the age of Covid-19

    Same for me, Brad. Preop bloodwork was done at the in-house Quest at my medical building after the doc visit. They were suited up super seriously. Also, just to get to the doctor I had to have my temperature taken and take a short quiz of "at risk" behaviors and situations from recent times...
  19. davismanLV

    Interesting detail on my Orph

    Of course!! What a dumba$$ I am!! They made so few of these guitars but they made 12 (strings) and 12 (fretters). I wonder if they made a 12/12..... I don't think they did. But someone will correct me. Thanks for the virtual SLAP!! (y)
  20. davismanLV

    Interesting detail on my Orph

    So you're selling your Orpheum? And wait, the Orpheum in your signature is a 12-string. This guitar is a 6 string.... i'm confused. :unsure: