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  1. zulu

    Let's see your stools. Here's mine and why I hate it.

    Do you have a great guitar playing stool/ chair? Years ago I decided to get a dedicated music chair so I bought a Quicklock musicians chair. Here's a photo followed by the reasons why I hate it: 1 its too big, the footprint is bigger than the stool and the back sticks out. takes up space. 2...
  2. zulu

    1986 X-500 bridge-is it pinned?

    Soon I'll need some new strings on the x500. I don't want the bridge moving one bit. The intonation is perfect, at least to my ear. I'd hate to have anything change, but I would like to take all the strings off to clean the fretboard. Thanks!
  3. zulu

    NGD: 1984 X500. Keeping it in the family

    There's many reasons why LTG is the best place on the net. This is one of the best: @shihan (Dennis) offered this beauty here for members only, asking only what he paid for it (from @GAD ). Simply put, Dennis "left money on the table" with this deal, just to "keep it in the family". A very kind...
  4. zulu

    Our sad day. RIP Norman

    Norman Wilbur Duke Longfellow Skullcrusher Lightning Ludwig 2006-2022
  5. zulu

    For your little Jerry

    At the pawn shop
  6. zulu

    Big Scare: I thought my amp was toast. heartbroken.

    Last night I thought my T1RVT had failed. I was devastated. I powered everything up as usual, but just a thin, quiet, distorted signal. I tried everything, different pickups, pedal setting, went direct to amp. Switched cables. Powered off and re-seated the tubes. No luck. I'm really attached to...
  7. zulu

    Impulse NGD... kaboom Detonator

    I haven't bought a guitar for myself in years, but GAS finally got the best of me. So, to avoid buying an expensive guitar - I sent an ebay offer on this Detonator and found it was in my "cart" the next day. Always wanted to try a Detonator, and I should have sooner! I love this thing! When I...
  8. zulu

    Found this interesting - you guys know about Creston Guitars?

    I'd never heard of Creston guitars before reading an article about Jay Farrar of Son Volt. His love of Woody Guthrie inspired him to collect some old items from Guthrie's childhood home which ended up in a guitar The Creston...
  9. zulu

    Sold/Withdrawn 1985 Guild D40 as new

    For Sale 1985 Guild D40 in OHSC as new condition. I have $1500 invested in this guitar. Price for LTG members is $1500 plus the cost of a guitar box and actual shipping. After a few days I plan on listing for the masses on ebay with significant price increase. For more photos and discussion...
  10. zulu

    Sold/Withdrawn 1987 GF60M as new

    For sale 1987 GF60Bld in OHSC as new condition I have $2500 invested in this guitar. Price for LTG members is $2500 plus the cost of a guitar box and actual shipping. After a few days I plan on listing for the masses on ebay with significant price increase. I may have a setup done this week...
  11. zulu

    Epic NGD part two 1985 D40 NOS

    This guitar, though more plain in embellishments, will be really hard to let go. Its for sale, sorta. Pretty much. But, I did have an emotional moment when I really got to play this guitar at home. I was bringing it into tune, got it just right (these must be newer strings). I start playing a...
  12. zulu

    Epic NGD part one 1987 GF60 NOS. My NGD, our NGD, your NGD?

    I'm happy to bring these guitars into the fold here. Even though I don't intend to keep them, it was such a thrill to bring them home. As posted in another thread, my friends who own a pawn shop bought two Guild acoustics in Southern California at a movie/TV production studio auction. A story is...
  13. zulu

    Looper advice

    I think I want a looper pedal for fairly simple self accompaniment. Just for guitar but I wouldn't mind a mic input. I want to be able to record and toggle between at least three song parts-ie verse chorus bridge. So, it seems I need a three track (or more) looper. I've never used one. Any...
  14. zulu

    Fingerstyle technique question: muting strings

    I'm playing with a fingerstyle arrangement and I'm unable to accomplish the sound I want for certain sections. A muted string sound. Playing with a pick, I use the technique of resting my right palm on the strings just forward of the bridge to limit the sustain. Pretty standard technique...
  15. zulu

    BSGS - Bad Speller Guitar Sellers

    I'll start... Note the ducks in the photo:
  16. zulu

    Maybe I need a refret?

    I really haven't paid much attention to fret wear over the years, but a recent restringing with fresh eyes got my attention. I had to set the action higher than ever to lose fret buzz around the 12th fret. I trust a local shop to try and level and dress as best as possible. If I need a refret, I...
  17. zulu

    Garage sale find: vintage Duane Eddy

    ... vinyl album. Couldn't help but grab this LP for a dollar :) I thought it would be neat to find somebody that owns a guitar like this. Maybe they would like to have this album. If you have a DE and would like this, I'll send it your way.
  18. zulu

    Somewhere in Nevada, in a airplane hangar...

    A guy lives in the Eagles' Hotel California tour bus:
  19. zulu

    A Roman walks into a bar

    ...holds up two fingers and says, "I'll have five beers, please".
  20. zulu

    For The Amp/Electronics Folks