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  1. marius

    Art Luthier Prototype AAL85C G1

    That is surprising. However it only looks like 3 guitars in the lineup are imported.
  2. marius

    D-20 made in California. Disappointing build quality

    The pictures in the original post don't appear particularly alarming to me. I have seen much worse on dry guitars that just needed humidification to straighten themselves out. For lack of a better term, lets call the space between your improvised straight edge and the guitar top "relief". When...
  3. marius


    Spring is stubbornly refusing to return to the upper Midwest so our soup season has been extended indefinitely
  4. marius


    I mentioned at dinner last week that split pea soup made with the leftover ham bone was my favorite thing about Easter. My daughter seem to think that was a bit sacreligious 🤷‍♂️
  5. marius

    Stolen debit card

    This is one of the reasons I use a credit card for all purchases and pay it off at the end of the month. My card number was stolen twice over the last couple of years, and although it was a pain to update my card info with all the retailers that charge me automatically for recurring bills it...
  6. marius

    F-30 specs over the years

    Yes there was. Here is an example, but to the OP, most were flat back like yours.
  7. marius

    Iconic arched back pays tribute to Guild's early acoustics.

    I believe Taylor uses an arched back entirely on the lower end of their lineup including the GS Mini, the Academy Series and 100/200 series. They market their laminates as “affordable”, which probably reinforces the idea that laminates are only used on “cheap” guitars.
  8. marius

    Guild content... (why it's not in from the store)

    I’d say New Hartford D-40ce Standard. Then again, the sides are pretty dark so it could be a D-50ce. Too bad about the TRC.
  9. marius

    I Want My Candy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’d take a guess that the seller was Jeff’s Music Gear? That’s the shop name they use frequently for selling used gear, returns, etc on eBay.
  10. marius

    Unique acoustic design

    I haven’t heard much about them in a while but Batson Guitars are another interesting departure from the norm.
  11. marius

    CC debt, the good, the bad, the ugly and finally getting out

    I do the same. I pay for everything with my cash rewards CC, especially large purchases, and pay it off every month. Every year at Christmas time I cash it in help pay for gifts. Like you said, free money if you manage it right.
  12. marius

    Unusual Guild JF30-12 String

    I could be mistaken but I think they use ebony for their entire lineup. I’ve seen striped ebony on a GS Mini and an Academy 12 and loved the added character.
  13. marius

    Oxnard M-20 switch from Satin "Varnish" to Satin Nitro Lacquer?

    I’ve not looked under the saddle, but I would not expect to find it drilled. They do not come with the end pin drilled for electronics. They fit a standard tapered end pin and would need to be drilled/reamed to accept and end pin jack.
  14. marius

    D-20 E discontinued ?? Is this true

    It’s really the barn doors or big tone/volume knobs that turn me off. Old electronics can be removed/replaced but barn doors are usually a non-starter for me.
  15. marius

    D-20 E discontinued ?? Is this true

    Probably just the “E”. The D-20 is still listed on their website without factory electronics.
  16. marius

    Oxnard M-20 switch from Satin "Varnish" to Satin Nitro Lacquer?

    It is possible to buff the varnish
  17. marius

    WTB Guild F30

    My ‘75 is still for sale. Also not burst.
  18. marius

    Got me a Guild at WalMart

    Still wish I had jumped on this at the time.
  19. marius

    Do guitars open up if not played?

    Congrats on a great looking M20 @SteveT. I’ve seen that one on a FB Guild group and was tempted when the previous owner offered it for sale. Love the natural finish with the unique grain. 😍
  20. marius

    Train wreck F-20

    To be honest I have no idea what that level of moderation entails in practice. I agree with Tom that the moderators here do a great job so please forgive the suggestion that you/they “should” do something. Generally I also think the membership here does a great job of recognizing a veer and self...