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    A lesson in life...

    Check this out...
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    Marcus King

    Anyone here heard of or into Marcus King? This young guy is fantastic. He is the most exciting guitar player I've heard in over 20 years! Suprisingly ran into his band two years at Peachfest in Scranton, PA. Blew me away. Picked up a live CD of his band playing at music festival two years in...
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    NS S-100 Deluxe model coming?

    I noticed a new Guild case for S-100, Polara and T-Bird on eBay. Upon close inspection of the picture it looks like a NS Sunburst S-100 Polara with a Guildsby. The guitar has the NS TRC. I don't see a phase switch but it may be built into the volume and/or tone with an integral "pull" switch...
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    X160 Rockibilly Pickup Swap Opinion

    So I've had some time off from work and have been organizing a box of guitar parts and realized I have a set of original DeArmonds from the 50's with both the white Guild pickup covers and also the black Gretsch covers. I have to check the magnetic poles to see if the bridge and neck are the...
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    Local News of Westerly Anniversary
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    Why not a NS Jetstar 12-string

    I was looking at the NS Jetstar the other day and thought with the longscale neck and the 6 in a side headstock it would make a nice platform for a 12 string. Add the DeArmonds and set the strings up with like a Rick and it would be a nice addition to the NS line of guitars. Any opnions? I may...
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    NS Guitar pickup connectors

    I'm interested in swapping pickups on the various NS guitars. On my immediate list is a NS Aristocrat, SF1 DC and a SF1 Jet. I haven't looked at the connection for the SF1's yet but I know the Aristocrat Franz pups have a little white connector. I perfer not to have to snip and splice the...
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    The guitar gods are dead; they did their job!
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    X161 Savoy vs. X160 Rockibilly

    I was under the impression that a X161 was a late 80's X160 mini Manhattan X170 with a plane unbound neck, chrome hardware, wooden bridge paired with a Guildsby. I have obtained along the way a X161 Savoy TRC. I installed it on the late 80's X160 for fun. I pulled out a X160 Rockibilly to play...
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    Stephen Hawkings Dead at 76

    Stephen Hawking Dead at 76 Rest in peace Stephen Hawking...your life exceeded all expectations, your science changed and integrated our understanding of the universe and your humor showed us your down to earth humanity! M
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    G3 2018 Tour

    For the guitar shredding lover or just someone who can't take the pop music mind numbing guitarless tracks I recommed you attend a Joe Satriani G3 show. I always wanted to go to one and was in luck as he played at the Jacksonville Florida Theater last night while I was visiting my son. I got us...
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    100J Value

    I see a vintage 100J amp for sale on Gbase. I owned an amp similar to this one and sold it something in the last 10 years. It was a pretty good sounding amp. Mine was as close to new that a 50+ year old amp could be and even had the stock wooden wedge shaped foot pedal. I don't recall exactly...
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    Bluesbird to Nightengale conversion...can it be done?

    So after looking at a Nightengale I wondered if it is possible to convert a Bluesbird into a "poor's man" Nightengale. Occasionally a Bluesbird can be found at a reasonable price. The question is can you route the body and keep the finish intact without cracking. Might even consider adding...
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    What's in a name?

    This story or should I say observation could get pretty crude or vulgar but I think I can express it to satisfy the guidelines of LTG. We'll see!? So today I was looking at LinkedIn and strolling through the various random people that showed up. The picture posted by one professional gentleman...
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    Guild Franz Thunderbird ST prototype

    I see on eBay the prototype Guild Thunderbird ST with Franz pickups. it features DOT neck inlays, BLACK pickguard and INLINE vol, tone, selector switch and jack.
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    Question for Hans and/or Grot on B402

    I see one of the finishes for the B402 with an Ash body has a "brown" top. When I looked at the bass on Grots page it looks like the finish isn't brown but looks to be a dark wood finish. Can the finish be explained in more detail? It would be really cool to have that finish on a S300A. M
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    Beatles aging 1960 to 2017
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    Antique Martin Guitar Smashed on Movie Set
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    NS Thunderbird Colors and Pickguards

    So as I look at the new Thunderbird ST models I would really like one with the Franz "P90's". Aesthetically I just can't handle the blue body with a tortoise pickguard. I think white body with tortoise pickguard is cool, transparent red with tortoise or black pickguard is cool, blue body with...
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    Software vs Hardware

    I went to visit my son in Jacksonville, FL over the Labor Day weekend. I delayed my trip a day to avoid the hurricane. I was driving an Explorer full of clothes, books, etc. Down to his new apartment. He is a receint college graduate in Comp Sci and referres to himself as a software developer...