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    D-tar...Just doesn't sound good to me....

    I am surprised. My '06 D-55 has the D-Tar Multisource and it sounds wonderful. I hear the same tones, but louder. I wouldn't trade it for anything.
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    What kind off strings do you use?

    I go for the D'Addario Bluegrass. (EJ 19).
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    Sorry for the confusion, I meant to say does anyone know how the less expensive Starfire pups sound compared to, say, the $3,500 GSR or to Dark Stars? Speaking of Dark Stars; are they gone forever?
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    I know all of that, but what about the sound?
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    Has anyone played or otherwise checked out the new Starfires? $3500 is big bucks. Is it worth it? I have always wanted a Starfire (big Lesh and Jack Cassady fan since jr. high), would I be better to look for the original? How are the pickups compared to the vintage of the Dark Stars (BTW: Are...
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    whats your next guitar?

    Ibanez AR 420, Modulus Quantum 5 string, or Fender '63 Vintage Precision Bass
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    What/who inspired you to play Guilds?

    Re: What inspired you to play Guilds? I had played guitar for a few years in grade school, but switched to bass in 7th grade. I fooled around on guitar a bit, but mostly focused on bass. In 1984 I separated from my first wife (best 120 pounds I ever lost!), and wanted to buy a guitar to...
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    So, where'd you stay?
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    "Yes. Even saw the Dead once. They opened for The Band and the main act was The Allman Brothers." That would be one of the largest rock concerts of all time 600,00 to 750,000 at Watkins Glen Racetrack in July '73 @ "Summer Jam." (Actually, the Allman's were not the main act, it was equal...
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    Lesh's "Alembicized" Starfire II, known as either "The Godfather," or "Big Brown," was the prototype, along with Jack's Starfire, for the Alembics to follow. It had more knobs that a Mercury 7 space capsule (sounded better than one, too!). Both Weir and Garcia played electric Guilds (Weir had a...
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    !994 JF-30

    I think I'll wait and look for something different, like a 412 or 512.
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    It is almost Garcia's 70th Birthday. Whew! He played a Starfire early on. Maybe I'll celebrate with "Brokedown Palace" or "Attics of my Life," which our friend sang beautifully at our wedding almost 27 years ago. I miss you brother.
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    !994 JF-30

    I thought about selling my first Guild, my '84 D -35, since I now own three dreads, but there's a lot of sentiment in that one, and I've also always believed that it is almost always a mistake to sell a guitar. I wish I hadn't sold my '64 Kay electric bass and my way cool 23 watt Sears...
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    !994 JF-30

    Yes, it includes the hardshell case. I am thinking it is high, but maybe they will come down. If not, what the hell, there'll be another sometime.
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    !994 JF-30

    I saw a lovely '94 Westerly JF-30 today and I loved it. I have three dreadnaughts and I would love to have a maple jumbo. It plays well, is in excellent condition (apparently has two repaired cracks which I didn't see, and sounds great. They're asking $995.00 (with case). Is this a reasonable...
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    D50 AND D55???

    Personally, I would be wary of buying a guitar I couldn't play first. I found my D-55 in a guitar shop and fell immediately in love with it. I have since played several others, new or a few years old and they didn't hit me the way mine did. My D-55, a 2006 Tacoma, is quite simply, the best...
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    The Master Speaks

    Thank you. That was classic Jack; thoughtful and insightful.
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    What "shape" guitar do you prefer (have the most of)?

    My first real acoustic was a Guild D-35, and I now have a D-55 and D-25M, so I guess it is obvious that I prefer Dreadnaughts!
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    Jack's Alembicized Starfire

    I was at the RnR Hall of Fame and was delighted to see Jack's first Alembicized Starfire. Looked kind of ugly, the wooden pickguard was gone and one could see how butchered the top was to add the electronics.
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    Doyle Dykes plays Guild?

    Yeah, "Not half bad" at all!