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  1. Midnight Toker

    New CCR Documentary up on Netflix.

    Watching it now...featuring never before seen concert footage and narration by Jeff Bridges. I'm about 20 min in and loving it!! (y) :giggle:
  2. Midnight Toker

    50th anniversary of Aerosmith.

    The band is putting out 5 full concert videos for free on YouTube (one per week, per decade) Last week was a real classic, 77 @ the Summit in Houson. Absolute Peak Aerosmith IMO!! Today....Capital Centre 89...a show I attended. Watching it now. A MUCH better show then I faintly remember. Good...
  3. Midnight Toker

    I'm thinking about getting one of these non Fender sounding Fenders.

    No, not the Bassbreaker, which is Fender's version of the British sound... I'm talking about this unique "Pawn Shop Series" Excelsior amp from 2012-13. 13 watt tube goodness loaded w/ a 15". Has a volume knob, and a bright/dark tone toggle, plus a tremolo on/off/speed knob. It has a split...
  4. Midnight Toker

    RIP James Caan

    Passed away at 82. 😢😢 So long Sonny. Don't stop any any toll booths on your way out!!
  5. Midnight Toker

    $25 concert tix sale (Live Nation/Ticketmaster) until tues the 10th!!

    Just a heads up.... A friend in Jacksonville Fla just texted me that Live Nation/Ticketmaster was selling tix to a list of shows (apparently they need to fill some seats!) for $25 a pop, w/ no fees. He got Primus (doing Rush's Farewell to Kings), The Black Crowes, and Tedeshi Trucks band....all...
  6. Midnight Toker

    New Sustainer Strat.

    Pretty cool. Not that I want one, but would LOVE to tinker w/ one for a couple weeks. I bet it would take you to places none of your other guitars ever have.
  7. Midnight Toker

    Ernest Shackleton’s Legendary Lost Ship Endurance Discovered After 107 Years!!

    Amazingly preserved!! thanks!!
  8. Midnight Toker

    59' Guild 66-J Masteramp gets a "Beast Mode" mod

    Wasn't sure if this had been posted before. (Did a search and didn't see it) I was actually watching some vintage Fender amp vids when I ran across this. Love how the post was titled "Fender Tremolux Killer!" (y) Hans and his book are featured as well.:cool: That sucker sounds amazing when...
  9. Midnight Toker

    The Vinyl Thread: What are you spinning?

    Anyone still playing their records? I do all the time. Still buying new vinyl as well. To start it off. One of my favs. Haven't played this one in a while. T Rex, The Slider! Sipping a 12 yr Macallen Double oak cask. Life is good! Please tell me there's some folks here that still cherish...
  10. Midnight Toker

    Anyone have any experience w/ Magnatone amps ? (not the new ones)

    I know several of the vintage ones are highly regarded for their clean tones....and especially for their innovative pitch shifting vibrato (unlike volume shifting tremolo most amp makers called vibrato!) . One model I'm interested in in particular is the 260. I've done some research and these...
  11. Midnight Toker

    Peace Through Music: A global event for the environment, featuring over 200 artists.

    Very well done! (My fav part (of course) starts at 23:45 where a dozen+ artists play When The Levee Breaks (featuring John Paul Jones and Derek Trucks!! Two of my alltime favs!!) (y) The whole thing is worth a viewing IMO. Visually stunning, and very well performed. Enjoy.
  12. Midnight Toker

    Hey Mods!

    No, not the site moderators (and thanks for your work btw. I haven't been here long, but I noticed right off the bat that I have found a well oiled machine that is LTG. (y) ) I'm talking about guitar mods!! Your 6 string hot rods! My go-to solid body electric for the last few decades has...
  13. Midnight Toker

    A new toy

    I've been noticing a recurring theme on this board...especially when it comes to humor and certain instruments. :p Being a big fan of all New Orleans style music...coupled with my German heritage...and that my late father payed his way through a University of Chicago Masters in Philosophy in...
  14. Midnight Toker

    2 Free Tix to The Musical Box @ The Birchmere (Alexandria Va) Tue Nov 23rd

    Was thrilled at the prospect of seeing this absolutely fantastic Gabriel era Genesis tribute band once again, but then my thanksgiving travel plans changed beyond my control. SO, I have 2 tix I'm willing to simply give away to anyone who'd truly want to go. I don't want to hand them off to a...