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    Wowser! X350 content
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    68/69 Bluesbird

    I bought a new Deluxe Bluesbird/Aristocrat at that time in Seattle. Black with gold hardware. "Bluesbird" on the truss cover IIRC. They reportedly only made this particular version those two years; hollow acoustic type construction, not a milled out body, Deluxe model, totally black Ebony board...
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    MF Stupid Deal today

    Just passing along for anyone looking for a budget acoustic.
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    Guild buckers with 3 adjustment screws...

    What years came with the two adjustment screws on one end and one screw on the other end. Or I guess a better question is what years dont have 3 screws... Is it just the modern pickups with only two screws? or just the minis? Confused!
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    Nice F20, archtop trade?

    Nice F20 Lower price, no trade. SOLD $995 + shipping. Send me your zip. More pics down lower post.With original case. I'm thinking of getting an archtop, one of the X series with the long scale. Possible trade deal + or - with the F20. No longer looking for trade. Bought an archtop. More Pics...
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    Archtops and Flatwound strings...

    So I stopped by the music store for giggles today and played some archtops: Epi Swingster, A couple Gretches, 3 Ibanez's. They had a few of them with flatwound strings on them. I haven't had flatwound strings in probably 30 years. But YUCK! The low E on every guitar sounded more like I had a...
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    Roland AC60 Acoustic Amp. Small like a Loudbox Mini. Stereo

    SOLD Roland AC60 Acoustic Amp. Small like a Loudbox Mini. Stereo Very Nice AC60 amp with a padded carry bag. Clean, has 2 channels one for PA (with an XLR/1/4 input) and one with a normal guitar input. Has reverb, delay, chorus, feedback eliminator. SMALL: About the same size as a Loudbox Mini...
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    Fishman Loudbox Mini Amp with Hardwood upgrade

    Fishman Loudbox Mini Amp with Hardwood SOLD Fishman Loudbox Mini acoustic guitar amp. Side panels have been replaced with Elm hardwood. Port in back of speaker cab opened to allow open or closed . Has filler plate for the back so you can use it closed back like original, or open! I like open...
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    Nice Guild Songbird

    I have to sell some stuff. Here is a great 90's Guild Songbird built in Westerly Rhode Island, USA. Super easy guitar to play, it's like playing an electric! $1350 shipped lower 48. -neck is medium C shape, not too thin, not too thick. - Original nice Guild hard case and Guitar pamphlet...
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    Set of Seth Lover Humbuckers

    As new, not a mark on them. Long leads and original box. Neck and Bridge. Nickel covers. $150 shipped.
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    Whoa! What is that?

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    String volume balance... piezo pickup

    Anyone have any thoughts on how to balance the volume string to string? It seems a fairly typical problem guitar to guitar for my guitars, but I have one old F4CE Guild that I love live, great tone, but just seems to disappear on the high E string playing live. I dont want to change the...
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    Acoustic amp but Jazzbox also?

    I have a little Fishman Loudbox mini that I love for acoustic. But I now use an jazz box also in the duo. The Fishman is terrible for that. Takes a total re mix, maxing the treble control and still boxy & warm for the archtop. Wondering what might be out there that would be good for both? -...
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    Guild Archtops with 25.5 scale?

    and with P90would even better...?
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    Body Rez acoustic enhancer.

    Pedal. As new in box, never left the house. $65 shipped. Includes unused power adaptor/ wall wart.
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    Getting better string balance live

    I find that often in a live duo situation that my acoustics have a bit too much bottom end and/or the high E and B get a little lost in the mix. I'm not talking about EQ so much but volume. So last night through the night I kept turning the low EQ on the guitar, and amp also, down over a couple...
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    Heaviest objects in the universe...

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    MIT Physicist finds pick!

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    Body Rez

    Who's tried this acoustic guitar pedal? What think ye?
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    Songbird conversion

    Been thinking of picking up an X-150 or something to use on some songs in a duo thing I do. I've been toying with this conversion for a while, as I have too many acoustics and not playing the Songbird much. Well, I finally did it. It actually came out real nice. Will try it at the gig this...