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  1. guitarslinger

    Your first "real concert"

    The Beach Boys. August 3,1964 at the Fresno Memorial Auditorium 58 years ago today. I was 12.
  2. guitarslinger

    First song you ever played & sang for an audience

    I didn’t sing then. But, it was “Getting to Know You” from “The King and I” upon the departure of my much loved first grade student teacher Miss Reevis. I played it on my brand spanking new 3/4 sized 1959 Fender Musicmaster and a borrowed amp. I sing now but badly so only at home alone when...
  3. guitarslinger

    T-Bird ST Reissue. Adding a trem?

    That’s from “Pickguardian“. They‘ve made a number of guards for me through the years all of which have been perfect fits and top quality.
  4. guitarslinger

    Famous Bandmates

    Lucky, fills a lot of gaps.
  5. guitarslinger

    Famous Bandmates

    Bruce Conte (Tower of Power) Sherman Andrus (The Imperials) OC Smith (God Didn’t Make Little Green Apples) Mary Osborne (The Gibson Girl) Members of the Bucaroos Opened for “The Strawberry Alarm Clock” and Duane Eddy let me play his guitar once
  6. guitarslinger

    Guitar quests you wish you took

    I had the money to buy a D’Aquisto, spoke to him on the phone, I was ready to pull the trigger, but, then he said the wait was two years. The money was burning a hole in my pocket and I didn’t want to tie up the money that long with nothing to show for it. @#$@
  7. guitarslinger

    My latest crazy venture

    I’ve been riding since I was 17. (That’s a very long time now.) I’ll be riding until…we’ll, uh,…I’m older than I am now. it’s almost as much a part of who I am as playing Guild guitars. Almost.
  8. guitarslinger

    Replacement control cavity plates

    Pickguardian is great for this sort of thing. Professional, reasonable, good turnaround time.
  9. guitarslinger

    Vintage HB-1s on a Newark Street S-100?

    Play the pickups in any guitar you like. If it sounds better to you, great! Just take them out if you sell it.
  10. guitarslinger

    George Barnes and Mary Osborne

    I knew and played with Mary Osborne. She was a fixture in my, then, home town of Bakersfield Ca married to a band leader musician named Ralph Scaffidi. She had some extraordinary guitars my favorite of which was an Elmer Stromberg. She was very complimentary of the Artist Award I owned at...
  11. guitarslinger

    Everyone is suffering and here in Vegas.....

    I’m sorry we never made opportunity to meet up when I was living there.
  12. guitarslinger

    T-Bird ST Reissue. Adding a trem?

    The one you see in the photo is from ”Pickguardian”. They’ve always done a good job for me. I had to send in the old guard, but, I‘m sure he made a pattern from that. The idea of installing a pair of TV Jones pickups has some appeal to me for this guitar. If I remember correctly GAD said they...
  13. guitarslinger

    T-Bird ST Reissue. Adding a trem?

    Here’s mine with Vibramate. Please note that the Vibramate will not allow the Bigsby to sit flush against the body. This hasn’t caused any playing or stability issues for me at all and, per Vibramate, is completely within design parameters.
  14. guitarslinger

    Lets see them pedal boards!

    For small venues. With the ”Quilter” on the board I can grab and go with a small 1x12 and a guitar.
  15. guitarslinger

    Desert Island Amp

    Yes. The ”A” has a twelve which works much better than the puny 8” of previous years. IMHO Franz pickups never sound better than when played through a good old Maggie. More info on the model here...
  16. guitarslinger

    Desert Island Amp

    That all assumes the “desert island” has electricity and the comforts of modern Society and the developments I wouldn’t care to live without. I’d probably want a Nightbird for the guitar. Oh, and a girl to swoon over my playing. If I could just get my wife to swoon...
  17. guitarslinger

    Desert Island Amp

    First piece of gear I’ve bought in a long time. Found a clean one and couldn’t resist. Guild and Maggies are inexorably linked in my mind since they were the 2 major lines carried by the studio where I took lessons. My first Magnatone was a ‘65 M10A purchased new and just like this one