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  1. swiveltung

    NGD! 1968 Starfire V Black

    That looks in great shape.
  2. swiveltung

    Roller Bridge for Starfire III

    The Gretsch guys mostly hate them. There are 'rocking' bridges that work fine if you have a Bigsby/Guildsby.
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    Nitro Finishes?

    Most polyester I have seen is on solid body guitars. I'm not aware of it on good brand acoustics or hollow guitars. But It's likely out there. I do wonder if the import guitars with the very brittle finish that chips from a tiny screw hole or ding are polyester that is just real thin maybe...
  4. swiveltung

    Nitro Finishes?

    There is poly and then there is poly. I'm not sure which Guild has used and when, but some "Poly" guitars are not Polyurethane but Polyester. -Polyester is the one that is often thick and VERY hard, like plastic. They are very difficult to sand or strip. They dont usually wear much at all...
  5. swiveltung

    String recommendation

    Many advise 11-48 on archtops, But I have gone to 10-46 with my old hands and it's much better for me. I haven't found an issue with it.
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    Fixing ugly headstock repair

    The key is: can you clamp or push on it and will it close the gap? Or is it glued such that you cant do that? Glue holds headstock breaks fine, unless it's a wide gap.
  7. swiveltung

    Wowser! X350 content
  8. swiveltung

    Has anyone put a super high gain pickup in neck position?

    I have done so a couple of times. Some hollowbody guitars are too woody and sparkley for me, at least in the time period I was trying it. I've found a hot-ish HB in the neck adds some body and grit. I was kinda into that for a while. You can lower it down some and tame it. I think one I tried...
  9. swiveltung

    A Very Stable Three Guitar Stand D&A Hydra Triple Guitar Stand

    The Hercules 3 guitar stand is also fine. It's the 2 guitar one that is a defective design.
  10. swiveltung

    Hi guys, I wound up with a circa '70 M-75 hollow-body guitar

    The body width on an M-75 is 17"? Wow, I remember my 69 being a real small guitar.... and about 5.8 lbs! Is that right? That would put it the size of a large archtop.
  11. swiveltung

    Thinking on a different setup, '61 X-175

    I cant help with the specs but it's nice to match them for radius, and yes you should for string spacing. Radius less important IMHO. Why? Because think about compound radius necks, the string radius will never match that! I have tried 4 bridges on my Ibanez Geo Benson. Frankly, bridges make a...
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    Artist Award vs Johnny Smith Award

    Great stuff!
  13. swiveltung

    School me on cheap Guild acoustic

    Interesting, according to that sheet an F-20 would be a Jumbo! I guess it only applies to modern guitars.
  14. swiveltung

    Tuners on '64 Starfire not working well

    I have rarely found tuners to be the culprit. Often the nut.
  15. swiveltung

    Warning Hercules Guitar Double Stand I Am Sick To My Stomach 77 Guild X500 Wrecked

    Totally prefer a stand than hangs the guitar from the neck. I've tried many. If not hung they allow the guitar to just fall over. The OP's stand is a defective design. No leg opposite the guitar in the double model on one side. The triple guitar model of that stand is fine as each guitar has a...
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    Dealing with Starfire III DeArmond hum

    Cool, i had thought of trying the pickup shield on a hollowbody before, but never really need to do it. Good info though.
  17. swiveltung

    Dealing with Starfire III DeArmond hum

    Flourescent lights, light dimmers, heaters and fans on the same circuit will cause hum. Of course many old buildings have issues. Wall outlets wired wrong. 3 prong outlets that really only have 2 wires inside! I tried a Hum Debugger in a gig that had big issues. It did nothing. Zip, Zilch. One...
  18. swiveltung

    Best Guild Investment?

    I have found that even oddball guitars I thought would never increase in price and sold to break even have doubled in value over 10-12 years. Not sure what the OP means by Semi or hollow. Archtops? or Acoustic electrics? Turned out my Songbird was a good investment. So was my F-20.
  19. swiveltung

    Yardbirds singer died in 1976, electrocuted by his guitar.

    India....What could go possibly wrong? :ROFLMAO: