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    Sold 2000 JF65 Westerly

    I'm looking to sell my JF65 made in Westerly in February 2000 Great condition overall and mahogany neck Bottom pin had been removed by the precedent owner OHSC included Price is 2200 euros shipping included in Europe Payment via PayPal or bank transfer
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    WTB Starfire 3 with P90

    Hi, I'm looking for a Starfire 3 with P90 in great shape with OHSC I'm located in Europe ( France ) Black or sunburst would be my preference :) Please let me know if you want to sell one of these JB
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    Starfire VI Stereo

    Hi everyone ! I just bought a 1973 Starfire VI which is labelled "Stereo" on the truss rod plate. I wonder if there was a lot of these guitar made. So if anybody has some infos please be my guest :)
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    Fs: Guild sc3 paloma 2003

    Hi everbody, i'm selling my Paloma from 2003 made in Corona Great conditions and guild hardcase included 2000$ ship incl for USA and 1500 euros ship incl for Europe Pics and infos are available on demand :)
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    Hi Folks, I'm selling my 2003 Paloma Made in Corona in 2003 i think because there isn't the custom shop logo on the back Great guitar,very good condition,with OSHC The price is 1850$ Shipping included from France If it stay in Europe it will be 1500 euros shipping included Hope that...
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    X2000 Part II

    Well fellows, i've finally decided to take the X2000.... Quality is better that quantity Moreover i've the entire life to buy the other model i want.... i'll let you know about the guitar when i'll have it ;)
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    I'm seeking informations about X2000 range Are they so different from bluesbird except more fancy neck and push pull control?? i'm asking you because i wonder which way i'm gonna go : X2000 : 4150$ at dino's shop OR Bluesbird : 1000$ Starfire III with P90 : 1500$ JF30-12 : 1000$ WOuld...
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    Guild Duane eddy prototype

    So, i was hanging around music stores in paris when i saw this : ... t1967.aspx of course i recognized immediately that it was a duane eddy But i also saw that the signature was missing.... After reading the guild guitar book i understand that it was...
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    WTB: Guild catalog 50th anniversary

    Yes it's a little bit silly but i'm looking for the 50th anniversary Guild catalog from 2003 Let me know if you wanna sell yours cause i know EVERYBODY has one :D
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    Hey guys after the D55 i'm considering buying this one : ... name=Guild A few questions for the specialists here :) First of all the neck especially the back... It seems like it's not the original one... the colours don't match together.... Is...
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    Dating D50 and DV52 advices

    hey there This time i'll need the help of hans about dating my new D50 juste scored on ebay for 800 dollars....really low price i hope there will no probs... here is the very difficult serial number to reed i think it's a 2002 or 2003 cause there's the fender logo in the bottom ot the head...
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    Video DV72

    For those who wanted to know how sound a DV72 take a look here : ... ID=1689415 I found it cause i may be buy one these beauties soon !
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    Hey there! Just want to collect information about the D100. Is there anybody here who got it? What are differences between D100 and D100C ? Is this the ultimate Guild dreadnought as the catalog said? Compare to the D55, is there really notable differences? I ask you because i may buy one...
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    Guild Peregrine colour

    Hey everybody, i won a peregrine on ebay :) The finish is called by the owner "lake placid blue" the fact is that i can't find in catalog this colour on guild Chart one's.... So is this custom finish??? i can't wait to receive this magnificent one :)
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    My new starfire III

    What do you think about my new baby??? :D number 330039584143 on ebay i'm so happy ! :D it will look awesome next my bluesbird !!! 850 dollars my god ! I don't understand why anybody bit on it really cause everything looks ok....
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    Hey everybody ! Looking for information about The gorgeous Guild Deco :) Does anyone own it? Is this model rare?? Have you seen it before on Ebay??? How much do you think this guitar is valued??? Thanks for your answers JB
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    Amazing Bluesbird

    Hello everybody ! I'm new here and it's good to found people who share the same interest than you :) First of all i want to know more about the bluesbird i bought months ago. It came from Gregor Hilden a blues guitarist in germany and the serial number is CM 00770. The fact is that i found...